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wolfpaws72's avatar
They're pretty, though. I'll definitely give them that.
gotenvilla's avatar
I can't wait til the next chapter. This is really good.
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Thw white you added transformed what could have been a dull sketch, into a beautiful scenery!
gotenvilla's avatar
love your picture. i love spirited away and no face.
GolliatTaillog's avatar
I will turn into golds the ones who don't.
ShadowBr0ny's avatar
Did Fluttershy just wander into Hyrule? Those fairy's look very familiar.
SnowyLilacs's avatar
they look more like fireflies to me...
NIKTENDO1's avatar
This transition into the woods/ Everfree Forest reminds me of:…

Except... on the opposite of the emotional spectrum.
Minty-Cups's avatar
oh hey look! listen!

thats what i had in my head when i saw this
Dilarus's avatar
You and many others :p
HeranHull's avatar
You really should release the pages on gropus of 5 or something, this way makes it harder to get on the story. Or i could just wait until you've released a few...
Dilarus's avatar
Personal preference, really. I just like to update more regularly over irregular chunks.
tigreanpony's avatar
Poor Fluttershy, what is she going to do, and why go in there. I hope somepony can help her before something awful happens.
MintyJoy's avatar
Beautiful artwork! I love the butterfly/firefly things, they are so pretty!
Also, I really empathize with Fluttershy. The fear of not being able to have kids is something I share with her. I love when she shouted "I want to be a mommy!" I can't wait to see where you go with this!
Nas160's avatar
Dark, spooky Everfree Forest atmosphere o:

Fairy butterfly glowy thingies :D
Minty-Cups's avatar
these are LoZ fairies :p
TinkerGearwind's avatar
Over the river and into the woods away from Fluttershy's house he go!
roipock's avatar
No translation work again XD
Eboy4190's avatar
Into the forest we go
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