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wickedlimesHobbyist Digital Artist
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Idk why, but I just gasped
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...Awkward, but better yet what's Rarity doing all the way out here?
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Hey Fluts, say that louder! I don't think they heard you in Apploosa!
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In today's Society, we have many choices, with numerous and difficult decisions attached.  some of these decisions we make can be, for the time, enjoyable. Then you realize that there is always a downside to what you choose.  For most of us, we choose a hopefully lifetime wife/spouse to love and be bonded together with.  although currently it can be more complicated than just that very statement.  We have so many options for a possible relationship to make, that we sometimes get overwhelmed, and this is what she's feeling right now.  
I can not tell you who your lifelong wife/spouse will be, but it can be tough when you only go by "emotion" alone.
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Yep, the best way to start one is asking a rabbit... :D
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And then Rarity decided Fluttershy needs to get lucky.
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ChaosDX1Student General Artist
She does seem like she'd be a good mom.
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Awww poor Fluttershy. Also what perfect timing Rarity, lol
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GlaberHobbyist Digital Artist
Well flutters, you're going to need a stallion to if you want to make that dream a reality the easiest way possible.
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Rarity be like

Dafuq u bitchin' bout' :iconrarityissrsplz:
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Rarity be livin' the thug lyfe.
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Fun fact: rarity is a helicopter!
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oohh sweet Fluttershy 
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Context is such a confusing thing.

But I'm disappointed in you, 'Shy. For all that you care for so very many animals that aren't even your species, you can't imagine raising a foal who is not biologically related to you? Who will think of the orphans?
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Some people really want to raise "their own" children. Irrational, I know, but that's what some people want.
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a friend of mine was thought to be a lesbian at points. she brought up the "parent" argument one day, and i totally had her back with "you can always adopt" 
she didn't like that much. 

learning various things years later is also fun, 
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Rarity comes in like Wah da fuq?
Oh don't worry, we can work around the family situation easily! One word: Magic. XD
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Does she really not like mares or is she just denying it because she want's to be a mom?
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piplupgokuHobbyist General Artist
Awww flutters is so cute >u<
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nekotigerfireHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mommy issues :p also awesome timing there rarity :P
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