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TBOI page 29

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TBOI page 28 by Dilarus
TBOI page 30 by Dilarus

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Uh oh well it looks like Fluttershy has fallen for RD, way to go RD now Fluttershy is bothered now thanks to you, better do something about it.
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AshezthHobbyist General Artist
Just to note, in the description you linked this page as Previous so it doesn't actually go back.
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FYI, the "Previous" page re-links to this page.
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Oh, damn it to Idaho...
Why do I have to relate to Fluttershy the most?!

...Why can't I ever relate to someone like Angel?
Or Mayor Mare?
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I don't think that telling Angel was really the best idea. I mean, sure, you'll benefit in the long run, but right now I'm not sure you'll like it when he does his best to drag you across town and literally throw you at Dashie, or something like that. You could get gentler help if you told one of your pony friends instead.
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abzdeHobbyist General Artist
I just read the last 29 pages and I loved it all! Your drawings are so ridiculously cute! When I have the time I gotta go back and read all the rest of the arcs. 
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mlprocks06Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So awesome and adorable. 😊
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... if she wants to clopp with me too :3

This is what she's about to say, and i know that because i can READ MINDS! >8D

im a wizurd!
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what if.... TECHIES!!! KA-BOOM!!!
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:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:Sorry sugarcube, she's already taken. But if you wanna join sometimes...
"What if...I want to go to bed with her~?"

Couldn't resist XD
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Yes, yes . . . please continue.   Meow :3 
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Tension! Keep up the good work Dil, loving the comic :D
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RubyW32Hobbyist Digital Artist
if what Flutters? :D
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Them eyebrows Spit it out, 'shy.  
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RandomHeart55Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww Fluttershy, you're sooo cute la in love 
PD: Dilarus, I love your comics!
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