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TBOI Epilogue Page 37

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The Best of Intentions continues with an epilogue, telling Rainbow Dash's story after that fateful night...

Chronologically, The Best of Intentions Epilogue happens the day after The Best of Intentions.

>>First Page<<

Previous page:

TBOI Epilogue Page 36 by Dilarus

Additional credits:
Quality assurance and shading by Trevor Rain:

Sketch/rough version:
TBOI Epilogue Page 37 rough by Dilarus 

Foreign language versions here:

I give my express permission to translate any of my works, if you'd provide me with a link that would be appreciated!

Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are copyright of Hasbro Studios, LLC.
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xXSilverTigerXx's avatar

Just discovered, and sad how it ended. Hope you are doing well Dilarus.

AlexDTI's avatar

Man... the last time I read this comic was 4 years

To bad you didn't continue the story

CocoPommel-RD's avatar
This year, will you create the next part of the story?
Its beautiful.
I want to see what happens with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash on next story!
Steagle's avatar
I wished the comic will never ended "sigh".
Lilartisticmonster29's avatar
Are u going to continue this comic? Cuz its been forever and I really love it and hope that it's not the end?! 😆
Dilarus's avatar
It's gonna be continued eventually, yes!
Lilartisticmonster29's avatar
TitaniumDragon's avatar
Ended up grabbing all of the comics to my hard drive.

I am looking forward to the next segment of this arc!
zariots's avatar
OH BOY!! I can't wait for the next pages. Great Job man. I really like how the history is different than the common "fall the love immediately". It feels more realistic and interesting. Sorry if I write something wrong, I'm still practicing.
Dilarus's avatar
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
is the back portion of Rainbow Dash's mane ever going to grow back? :(
Dilarus's avatar
It takes time! Her next appearance is a flashback tho so it'll be long there ;P
Not-Quite-Lilac's avatar

Agh, I love this so much...

But will talking to Gilda really help?
Like, at all?
Lil-artistic-monster's avatar
Soooooooo GOOD!!! Cant wait for what's next! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  
You are continuing right?
Dilarus's avatar
The story will continue with another arc yes!
Asgar16926's avatar
I don't understand how this page makes sense in relation to the last one.
Dilarus's avatar
It's the rest of the memory she's recalling, when fluttershy broke her leg :p
pskullv's avatar
My reaction upon seeing "-end-": "Motherf*****!"
Back to the gallery, with me!Twilight Sparkle (Run) 
FerencKontros's avatar
So... Rainbow Dash is in love with Fluttershy, but no...
Fluttershy don't know, but maybe in love with Rainbow Dash or no... 

That means love is complex, like the nuclear physics and organic chemistry. 

I really-really hope, that the end, of this adventure of love and emotions, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash will be a couple.
 A couple, what will stand against the armies of pain and bad times.
 I hope, they will find each other heart and soul, like miner the diamond in the dark cave.
 I hope, after many mistakes, they will find the right road,
 A road to love,
 A road to couple,
 A road to family,
 A road to death,
But a lovely and holy death,
Where Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, holding hooves and kissing on the bed, dying slowly and slowly, but in love. 
My only weapon there is the hope.
I hope.

P.S. : Sorry, if my English was like a broken car, what wants to drive, like a race-car.
Your comic, like one bomb of emotions, so good and awesome! I hope you will continue your work, I am very curious about what will happen with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! 
Good luck!  
Dilarus's avatar
Thanks for taking the time to write! I can't say much about the future of these two (spoilers) but I know people are gonna love the story by the end.
RAYMANSO's avatar
graet comic/novel what next will be?
macdatazoid's avatar
Thank you for creating this.  The end of TBOI hurt.  I look forward to what is to come.
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