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TBOI Epilogue Page 27

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The Best of Intentions continues with an epilogue, telling Rainbow Dash's story after that fateful night...

Chronologically, The Best of Intentions Epilogue happens the day after The Best of Intentions.

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TBOI Epilogue Page 26 by Dilarus

Additional credits:
Quality assurance and shading by Trevor Rain: trevorrain.deviantart.com/

Sketch/rough version:
TBOI Epilogue Page 27 rough by Dilarus 

Foreign language versions here:

I give my express permission to translate any of my works, if you'd provide me with a link that would be appreciated!

Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are copyright of Hasbro Studios, LLC.
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This gurl got da biggest home front.....
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Don't put that on yourself, Rainbow. Trust me, it's not productive. It's not a problem you can solve, and it'll be bad enough without you legitimizing your guilt.
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Respond with a smile
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Ok at least you are getting close to tell her what happened RD. Just keep going and trust me it will help you and Fluttershy in the long run.
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Rainbow should stop beating around the bush and just tell Rarity what's up.
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CarnivorousHorseStudent General Artist
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Are you sure?
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:iconraritywhatplz::iconsaysplz:Look Dash, I am typically oblivious to most things going on around me, but you are an incredibly horrible liar.  So what the buck is the deal already?
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Good girl Dash comes clean. But is she trying to convince Rarity, or herself? :)
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Gerk! The feels! 
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The4thHomunculusHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't wait anymore!!!! The tension!!!!! xD Kee it up!!
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TrevorRainHobbyist Writer
Worst pony.
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Nope. Best.
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