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No Second Prances
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Published: May 5, 2016
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A million times, yes.

Meet the Pones is Southern Belle AJ's little cousin. It's how I get out all the black humor that would be out of place in SBAJ, and although it's crude and irreverent it comes from the greatest love of My Little Pony.

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Sketch/rough version:
No Second Prances rough by Dilarus 

Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are copyright of Hasbro Studios, LLC.

Foreign language versions:
Russian by Vedont: vedont.tumblr.com/tagged/Meet-…
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Comments (60)
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L-MASTER|Hobbyist Artist
Great! XD
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Atara-parakitty|Hobbyist General Artist
and then they f**ked
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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Wat Oh my...

MLP Rainbow Dash (Lol Wut) Plz Welp i've read enough daring do's books to know where this is going.    

Twilight Sparkle (no) plz Wait what?! 
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TheNeoStrike|Hobbyist Artist
Youknowforkids by TheNeoStrike   Untitled by TheNeoStrike  
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BBBHuey|Hobbyist General Artist
Starlight Glimmer - Shocked "But Trixie, we've just met!"
:icontrixieangryplz: "I mean't; help me unload my stuff off the wagon!"
Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6 "Oh... *Squee!*"
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Dilarus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hee hee <3
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Piratecat102's avatar
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It's crazy how adding just one panel of silence changes the meaning behind that statement just like that. You really have a knack for being clever with your jokes in such a small frame. That being said this one killed me the first time I saw it and as such, is probably my favorite piece by you so props there! ^^
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Dilarus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes this was a lot of fun to draw! What's going on inside her head?

(I did make a director's cut, warning for lewdness though)
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AlchemySugar's avatar
AlchemySugar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahaha! Better than this, only if Trixie was raising her eyebrows.
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wickedlimes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her face.
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Sturmlion1's avatar
Friends help friends move, Best friends help friends move bodys.
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Tigerean's avatar
Cuz her face was dumbstruck but she still said yes
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Doga-87's avatar
Why do I think that means what I think that means?
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JNinelives|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Ramior's avatar
I don't get it.
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MiragePotato|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think she means her "special places"
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sandame's avatar
this made me laugh more than it sould have.
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Maverickwolfzx's avatar
And for unpack you mean...?
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:icontwilightfacehoofplz: "Oh geez..."
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Warside's avatar
And you just need make a little pause to change all the meaning of your words =P
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Animatorsnake's avatar
Starlight, don't get the wrong idea... but for some reason I want you to get the wrong idea... damn my inner fan
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