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Doesn't Matter Page 5

Doesn't Matter is a mini-comic about a moment in Twilight Sparkle's childhood, and how it helped create the pony she would grow up to be.

Dedicated to my friend and punching bag Trevor Rain.

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Doesn't Matter Page 6 by Dilarus

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Doesn't Matter Page 4 by Dilarus

Rough version:
Doesn't Matter Page 5 rough by Dilarus 


Characters and locations from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are copyright of Hasbro Studios LLC.
This is a fan creation and not associated with the copyright owners.

Created using MediBang Paint Pro and Adobe Photoshop
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Ah will. That'll be 25 cents..... Hurry up! Da candy store is closin in a few minutes!
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Oddly enough, I had to see that typewriter to get enough context to decipher the book, but I was reading the typewriter wrong. Isn't it weird how that works?
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Even has its purse.  Awww is for make  a plushie of her.

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those words on the paper though >.>
ijustloveit619's avatar
Beautiful! I think this is enough to put in the Official Comics :D!!!
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aw, shucks >///<
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Nice librarian is nice
zukos-swig's avatar
This looks like a beautiful start to another sweet story of yours!
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Adorable widdle Twi
HattertheThird's avatar
At least Twi doesn't have Conan the Librarian.
Yupasama's avatar
That's no librarian. Everyone knows librarians are evil creatures feeding on our blood, I mean books :)
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When you love books and bring them on time... you get these kind of benefits
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I tried the puppy eyes, gave my I’m so sorry, with a quivering lip.

You know what happened.

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What a cool old mare
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"And because that librarian wasn't a dick to an incredibly neurotic little kid, that's why its a massively big deal that you broke my quill which was worth next to nothing!"
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