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Come Home is the next major story arc of the Southern Belle AJ webcomic by Dilarus.

Havent read the prologue to Come Home? Start here: Come Home Prologue

Chronologically, Come Home is set shortly after the events of Wild Storm and The Best of Intentions.

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Foreign language versions here: southernbelleaj.com/languages
I give my express permission to translate any of my works, if you'd provide me with a link that would be appreciated!
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I don't think it's possible to make waffles in a frying pan . . .
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Waffles are always good for a morning breakfast
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These are fun comics, though I have to admit, I can't quite tell how "Southern Belle" Applejack is all that different from Regular Applejack.  Not that I'm complaining, but if there's some significant alternate universe thing going on here I'd like to know.
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Hmm, where to start.

Southern Belle AJ began its life as an ask blog, I was a fan of applejack and wanted to learn to draw so I started on tumblr and drew responses to people's questions, after some time, one question led to another, and after a sleepless night of drawing, I had found that by filling in the blanks I was weaving a story that touched people. At this point I had maybe a dozen followers, and this first story got me another 25 in a few hours, and from this small incident the Southern Belle universe was formed.

Number one: "The Shining Armor Incident" is how it all began. Roughly four years ago, Applejack and Shining Armor "hooked up" at a celebration in Sweet Apple Acres named "Mayday". Mayday is held every four years on the last day of May, and is the day that Celestia raises a golden moon, with ponies from all around watching to celebrate and wish for a bountiful harvest. Shining Armor was in the Royal Guard at this point and was stationed to help get the preparations in order for Celestia's coming. Many months later, I wrote a fanfic called "Dear Diary" that detailed Shining Armor's experiences leading up to the beginning of Mayday. Mayday itself will be explored in great detail when the Mayday story segment comes up in SBAJ's timeline. Although The Shining Armor incident is rough as hell since I couldn't draw for toffee back then, it was the spark that started it all, and remains SBAJ canon.

Number two: The Great Cat Plague. Another story that came to be from the ask blog generation, Applejack finds a lost kitten and shortly afterwards, Sweet Apple Acres is set upon by Giant Cats that begin destroying the farm. Applejack hurls Apple Bloom, who up to this point had been exhibiting strange behaviour, at one of the cats but she simply falls to the ground stunned. Seeking a change of tactics, Applejack enlists Fluttershy's help to try to calm the beasts, but before Fluttershy can relay important information to AJ, she is knocked unconscious. As Granny Smith takes Fluttershy and Apple Bloom to the hospital, Big Mac talks Applejack out of fighting the cats head-on, stating that he doesn't want to protect the farm if it would mean putting his family in danger. The pair need a plan, so they decide to ask Twilight for help. On the way to Golden Oak Library, Fluttershy, now awake, joins the pair and upon arriving at twilight's she explains that the cats aren't cats, theyre ponies. Twilight states that for somepony to change ponies into giant cats, the controller must be an incredibly powerful magical being, and at this point she figures it all out. Twilight leads a bemused group to find her brother, who had been visiting Ponyville, and they haul him off to the farm. Shining Armor is placed before one of the cats, but before he is struck, a voice calls for the cat to stop. The kitten emerges and Twilight reveals it to be Cadance. Cadance attacks Applejack, but Shining Armor intervenes and demands to know why Cadance would attempt to harm Applejack. Cadance reveals that she was there on the night of the Mayday celebration, and that she fears Shining Armor may still love Applejack. The Great Cat Plague is somewhat far-fetched but remains SBAJ canon, and gives more information about Mayday, further cementing its importance to Southern Belle AJ's universe.

Number three: "Aftermath" is the last ask blog story, and details the Apple family and friends rebuilding after Sweet Apple Acres is destroyed. There's a few cameos, and a lot of shenanigans that end with tensions rising as the next story looms overhead.

Number four: "Wild Storm" is my first original story, that is, one not resulting from questions asked via tumblr. As Applejack is working on securing the roof of the barn, Fluttershy approaches her to warn about a storm approaching. Applejack is worried that the storm will tear the roof of the barn and asks Rainbow Dash about the storm, as one wasn't predicted by the local pegasi. Rainbow Dash explains that Ponyville isn't due for a storm, and that this must in fact be a wild storm (ha). Rainbow and Fluttershy head towards the storm to try to slow it down whilst Applejack and Big Mac look for a way to secure the roof. Applejack asks Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie for help, but they're too busy arguing over which colour to paint the barn to listen to what AJ has to say. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash try to push the storm back, but it won't move, and as Applejack loses her cool and rails at her friends for arguing, the storm clouds fill with lightning and Rainbow is electrocuted and falls from the sky. Fluttershy chases Rainbow on her descent, and falls into a river with her, dragging Rainbow to the riverbank as the storm worsens, and it begins to snow. Applejack and Big Mac try to secure the roof with ropes, as the wind picks up and snow lowers their visibility. Fluttershy then realises that Rainbow hasn't woken up, and has stopped breathing. Applejack and Big Mac enter the barn with Spike and the other ponies, who are still arguing. Applejack has had enough, and shouts at her friends, who have been having such a heated argument they upset Pinkie. Applejack explains that Twilight of all ponies should know better, being a princess. Outside in the storm Flutterhsy is trying to revive Rainbow Dash, but to no effect... When Applejack suggests that the group seek refuge away from the storm, Big Mac realises that the door and windows have been frosted over with a dense blue ice that even Spike cannot melt, and after crowding around a table the ice traps their legs so they cannot move.. Outside, the ice encases Rainbow Dash and traps Fluttershy, still sat beside her friend, as she begs for it to leave her alone. The storm reaches its crescendo, ripping the barn apart. Twilight manages to protect the group from the debris with a force field, but against such a strong storm she cannot hold the field, and it falls. Then ghostly shapes emerge from the mist, Windigoes. They were drawn to the farm by all of the arguing in "Aftermath", and the argument held in the barn was the tipping point. The Windigoes batter away at the barn's support beams, aiming to collapse the remaining structure on the heads of the trapped friends. Applejack pleads with the Windigoes, finally shouting "I don't care about mah life, jus' don't hurt my friends!" as the beams fall from above. Applejack grits her teeth for the impact, but it never comes, she looks up to see all is still, and the falling beams are being suspended in the air, and a bright light is emanating from Twilight's eyes. Twilight then throws her head back as a blinding light shoots from her horn, dispelling the clouds and shooting high up into the sky, forming her cutie mark above Ponyville. Energy then shoots back down and strikes Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, shattering the ice. Fluttershy takes Rainbow's hoof and says her name, then Rainbow's eyes open and Fluttershy cries with joy. The light subsides, and back in the wreckage of the barn, Twilight regains control of her body and asks "what happened?" as the camera rests on Applejack's puzzled face.

Number five: "The Best of Intentions" actually began during Wild Storm. During downtime between chapters of Wild Storm I opened up asks for a little while, and the subsequent answers inspired a story that would then be a follow-up to the events of Wild Storm. To make the story "make sense" in-universe, the question and answers were stripped and the idea was written into a script for a comic. The Best of Intentions was a bit hit, by far my most successful story and one I have a great fondness of, it was also the first story to be published here on deviantart, and if you'd like to read it just look here:
TBOI page 1 by Dilarus

Number six: "Sugarcube" sprang from an idea for a conversation between AJ and Pinkie immediately after Wild Storm, where Applejack tries to understand why Pinkie is so dependant on others' happiness to be happy herself. After enough time passed, I refined the story to make sense on its own, as even after Wild Storm faded into the background, I wanted to explore the idea. Sugarcube is again available on deviantart right here:
Sugarcube by Dilarus

I probably don't have to explain much further about Southern Belle AJ as we're pretty much up to the current story! SBAJ has somewhat of a turbulent past, and I'm likely going to try to adjust a few things from the ask blog times to be more inkeeping of the tone of the rest of the stories, for example the Great Cat Plague, whilst an important part of Southern Belle AJ's development, doesn't make sense when placed side-by-side with later comics so to avoid confusion down the line I might have to draw a line under some of the earliest stuff, or simply rewrite it in a more straightforward manner. So as you can see, Southern Belle AJ is quite different from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic's Applejack, not so much in terms of mannerisms, but in terms of her past and how it will affect her future. I feel like I've taken the show's AJ and superimposed her into an Equestria where some events played out differently is all.

If you'd like to read all of these stories just look here:
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Those sound so good, I need to get breakfast. Still very nice really enjoy your style and story telling.
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BillblokHobbyist General Artist
Did you always draw Applejack with a bow in her tail? Because I only just noticed.
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DilarusHobbyist Digital Artist
It was something I added waay back when I started the blog (along with some gnarly other things) and the butt bow has been a staple ever since!
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BillblokHobbyist General Artist
Wow, shows how dense I am...
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TrevorRainHobbyist Writer
Or it's a testament to how the detail is natural to the character and the style to the point where it gels well with everything else, instead of standing out like an elephant on a carousel.
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It´s like Rainbow´s hairstyle. Is different from the canon, but looks very good on her.
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BillblokHobbyist General Artist
You my friend, have a way of making people like me feel better. :)
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