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Any ideas?

Our favorite fillies are out of ideas for activities to earn their cutie marks.

Lineart by myself, colour by cmaggot:

This was an accidental collaboration I've been picking Cmaggot's brains about digital painting techniques and they coloured one of my linearts to highlight some concepts and this was the result!
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Nice. I really love the lighting effects in this.
Dear fillies, you will get your cutie marks when you embrace your talents.  Apple Bloom, you'll get yours when you realize your awesome art and/or building skills.  Scootaloo, you'll get your cutie mark when you realize that you're tough to beat in all things physical (like dancing and scooter riding) and, Sweetie Belle, you'll find your cutie mark when you get over your unease about singing in public.  Seriously, even though I enjoyed Fluttershy being the secret voice of the Pony Tones in "Filli Vanilli", I really would have liked the eppie to have had Sweetie being the one with the great voice but prefer not to go public.

Anyway, great picture.  Keep your chins up girls, you'll find your marks someday.
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Great pic! I love this kind of drawings. By the way, the lighting is amazing. Well done!
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Ah! Puns! :D You created the bloom effect behind AppleBLOOM :)
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Looks like Applebloom tried to jump the fence but belly flopped on the fence instead.
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Is apple bloom suppose to me hanging over the rail or sitting on it cause that position makes it look like her stomach is missing. Other then that this is good.
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