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Hey there!

For some reason I've really been loving all this #meettheartist thingy. I guess because I've never seen it before, but then again I've been pretty inactive and not following shit for the past two years. 
Not that anybody cares about that, moving on. 

I've made playlist on YouTube so I could binge watch them, and, well, you can do that too if you want to. I've tried to add all I found, I'm not discriminating based on style, technique, language or skill lever, HOWEVER, I most certainly have missed something. I mean come on, each search brings a bunch of pages, I maybe went back like just six or something. 

If you make one that you want to add to the party or you notice that yours is up on YouTube but not in the playlist hit me up in the comments or on Twitter with a link. OR if you just want to watch and listen while you're having your coffee, the link is bellow. I'll keep that featured on my channel for a couple of months at least, because I like the idea of us supporting each other in all kinds of ways. 

Cheers and draw you later! 
(No, for real tho, I'll be announcing the next #simplydrawme by the end of the week, so stalk my Instagram)

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