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I turned 25 y'all! I'm officially a geezer in internet standards. I might have had a tiny mental breakdown and spent the last three days laying on the couch. No more! I'm drawing some redditers tonight, adding some OC commission options tomorrow, and ...
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Hey there! For some reason I've really been loving all this #meettheartist thingy. I guess because I've never seen it before, but then again I've been pretty inactive and not following shit for the past two years. Not that anybody cares about that, moving on. I've made playlist on YouTube so I could binge watch them, and, well, you can do that too if you want to. I've tried to add all I found, I'm not discriminating based on style, technique, language or skill lever, HOWEVER, I most certainly have missed something. I mean come on, each search brings a bunch of pages, I maybe went back like just six or something. If you make one that you
My lil bb8 got taken down from RedBubble for copyright infringement, ain't that lovely! So I guess it will just stay here. I ranted a bit on Twitter, I'm kind of feeling better, but oh well. I guess my stylized version was more similar than literal t ...


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Heya! I saw you making comissions for writers in the 'unseen writers' group, and it mentioned that you make collabs and requests. How do they work? Maybe i can note you...
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dikkaProfessional Digital Artist
Hello there and thank you for contacting me! I'm currently trying to get some more samples for different commissions, they will be up soon I just have a baby and am a bit slower with putting out content. Those on DeviantArt will be mostly writers oriented because I really want to engage with that community, I don't feel like people do that often enough.

As for collabs and requests, the collabs are an idea for the future that I haven't fleshed out that well but I really want to do something like that with different types of content creators including writers. I'm going to add a link bellow to a blog post I did for the requests too, it's more oriented in cartoon portraits for now and will be happening less regularly, but it will be a thing that I'm hoping to keep constantly going over time. It looks like a pretty long post since I do work with people often and am used to giving all the information I can in advance, hopefully it clears up things as much as possible:


You can always note or email me with any other questions, I will most likely be more quick to reply in an email since I do check those on the daily, but I'm doing my best to be on top of all DA related too.

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MeteriousProfessional Writer
Nice art, I'm interested in future commissions. I'll pop you a mail about it. :D (Big Grin) 
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dikkaProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome! I'm still updating my info, it's more likely to get a quick reply on contact@simplydikka.com, but the email listed currently in the ID is being checked often too! 
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YvetteTheSeedrianHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday~! ^^ 
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Toshinden-fanclubHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello can i ask you for an request, or could we try an arttrade (art exchange) or collab? :P (Lick)