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Revelation2 rev.1.2



Revelation2 is an extremely minimalistic suite that includes many popular features. (Current Version - 1.2)

Revelation2 Includes:

Launcher Bar - Various buttons for launching commands and shortcuts to folders and applications. Functions like Power down, Lock computer, Configuration options, Desktop Panel, Control Panel, Task Manager and more. Search google from your desktop in the provided search box. Launcher Bar is tabbed, to Hide almost completely when not in use and open up as needed.

Header skin - Various buttons for launching pop-out skins, including Notes, Music Player, Weather, System, RSS, Gmail, Facebook, Slideshow and Clock. Header bar docks right under Launcher bar. Toggle feature to remove it to a tab on the desktop, just like the Launcher Bar.

That's about it... all the functioning skins are built into two actual files, and use hides/shows to switch them out. The code itself should be easy to read... I habitually keep code as organized as possible, so it might be a good suite for beginners to research and parse.

1.2 : March 12, 2012 (Uninstall Revelation2 before updating!)

- Added support for different monitor sizes (fixed wonky Google Search issue).
- Changed Launcher shortcuts to "Toggle" the menu that opens. Left click to open, click again to close. (Thanks chefboy!)
- Changed around the Launcher Icons, added Tooltips, added Configure.ini button.
- Added Configure.ini : A very basic configuration skin, allowing choice of light or dark skins and providing a link to the and Rainmeter resources.
- Changed RSS Feed, now it only supports 3 Feeds, but it looks cleaner and is more compatible with differently sized monitors.
- Changed Header icon bar, to include Toggle feature. Left click open, click again to close.
- Changed some Icons in the Header Sidebar, RSS - Gmail - Facebook. Looks a little cleaner.
- Added Top Process to System Info Sidebar skin, in Header.
- Other various improvements, including a lot of code clean-up and changes to the sidebar font styling.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! And visit us at: [link] (JoBu)

Cheers all!
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Hey Diji, I'm curious on how to adjust the launchers at the top. Since I have a rather large screen it leans a bit more to the left and isn't quite in the center. Would it be possible to make a sixth bar to move it more to the right or move the whole thing all together?