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First Thanks a lot ~Vezalka for giving me permission To Share The Skin...

Inspiration :

In the Skin is included : Bar, Separators, Time Date, WebSites App's Launcher and Font.

Full Preview : [link]

Hope You Like It.

All Credits :

© 2011 - 2022 DijaySazon
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remove kickasst because the site was down cause the admin was arrested
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thakns i want soething like this :D
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very nice good job :thumbsup:
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well to be more specific...when i click the apps, dropbox, downloads, docks, library, music, itunes, chrome, adobe, chat...buttons nothing
happens. I get that the applications i dont have installed wont open, but i have most of i need to point them to the .exe files in the ini?
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you need edit the .ini File [link] (or just change the "YOUR USER HERE", and put your user, Ex : "C:\Users\Dijayzki (ME USER) \Downloads"

Hope this helps.

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gotcha...figured as much, just wanted to make sure.
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looks gorgeous on my desktop, but i think i need help as half of links dont work?
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What you mean ?
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That's hella sexy.
You knows how to change the text and the directory of the links? Like change Dropbox to something else and change the name?
I'm kinda new to Rainmeter :c
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You havent submitt it to Rainmeter group? i will do it!! :D
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Very smart idea with the text colors ;3

...very clever
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Man, this is AWESOME!! have you noticed KickAssTorrents has changed its domain to
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