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By DijaySazon
First Thanks =kiko11,~zainadeel, ~kAtz93 and *SolMiler for letting me share, I do this using the themes by they

Noche Theme For Windows 7 [link]
Shine 2.0 Theme For Windows 7 [link]
Metalik Glass Theme For Windows 7 [link]
Glass Onion Theme For Windows 7 [link]
.RmSkin File

The Skin includes Winamp And iTunes Config

Dijayzki font by me (you are not allowed to use my font into something else!)


DS.Launcher Video [link]

Credits For Inspiration

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hey did you make those icons for the hlauncher or did you incorporate them (and if so could you share where you got them), thanks!
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Cool theme. BTW instead of putting "YOUR USER HERE" in config files, replace that with %USERNAME% so it will go to the current user's folder based on who is logged in (it's a Windows environment variable)
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I would also like it if anyone would care to share wallpapers, thank you ^^
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I lost this wallpapers... sorry bro.
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How install this?I download file and it dont openned correctly?...What programm shoud open this file? Say pls
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Rainmeter program
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I love it!

Did you took these photos?

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Thank You, no sir.
Just started using this, it's perfect since I was already using the Shine 2.0 theme. But is there any plan to make this bigger/more readable? 
wow looks awesome
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It is awesome ,I want one 
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OMG... awesome
Cool!! It's so cool!
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that looks really nice =)
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where can I find the wallpapers in this image?
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:wow: Amazing !! I think i'm gonna use that suit for a long ! Once again thanks for sharing your amazing work DJ, you're the man !
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