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Frank's Scorpion tattoo

By diiwaanc
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Well I got a tattoo of a scorpion on my neck, just like the one Frank Iero from MCR has. Tell me what do you think.
I'm a crazed fanatic.
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Oct 29, 2010, 2:24:54 PM
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I love tattoos and this is really great, I can't wait to get my scorpion tattoo!
Did that STING a little? Ahaha....Puns...
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Wow. Did your parents agree to this? I think it's very foolish of you to have gotten such a dark tattoo so high up on your neck. I know, you are 17 and you think you don't need to think about the future (like getting a job or, god forbid, becoming your own person and wanting your own tattoos - not Frank Iero's).

I don't know what the laws are where you live, but in most places you have to be 18 years old to get a tattoo, and anyone who tattooes a person under the age of 18 (reguardless of parental concent) can be guilty of child abuse.

Plus, copying someone's tattoo DIRECTLY is not cool. I know you think that you are mature enough to decide what to do with your life and your body (because yes, it is YOUR life and YOUR body) but I severely urge you to think these things through. Tattoos are there for the rest of your life, as in - THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I hope in future you have the maturity to think for yourself and have YOUR best interest at heart when it comes to making life choices such as these.
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well i got the tattoo when i was 17. now i'm 19 and yes, i know it's stupid to copy things. and yes it's more stupid to make a tattoo on my own neck. but i did it. it's stupid but i still like it ;D

oh by the way. yes, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo here. the person who made this is only a bit older then me and works at a tattoo salon.. and when it's night he makes tattoos in his apartment. not legal but whatever ;D
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Omg this comment is old, but i think that people are taking life too seriously. So what if its for the rest of your life? What if you die it wont matter anymore. If something is for the rest of your life then what now, lets not get tattoos? Sorry with my english, its just that comment up there pissed me off, its not like YOURE GOING TO REGRET AND NOT LIKE IT you get used to it and it becomes a part of you ok i need to stop this rant xD
diiwaanc's avatar
i'll never regret it xD
I sometimes forget about it, but when i see it, it makes me happy
Delia-Doom's avatar
Holy fucking fuck!!!!
It is amazing! Fucking Amazing!!!!
diiwaanc's avatar
dunno what can i say ;DDD
i guess thanks
Delia-Doom's avatar
Thanks is appropriate... just once more... kickass
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well then a big fuckin' thanks ;D
Delia-Doom's avatar
That is A' okay
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Oh God, that is SO COOL!! You're SO COOL!!:love:
I always wanted that tattoo (well, all of Frank's tattoos, they're all wonderful, but I doubt I'll have enough courage to)!
Unfortunately, there's a law in Thailand about that people can't get tattooed until a certain age *pouts*.
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yes it is cool xD

from what age can you get a tattoo?
cuuz it's from 18 here but i know some people xDD got it when i was 17 xD
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You can only get a tattoo in Thailand when you're 21 (21 is also the smoking and drinking age limit too). If your parents allow you, then it's whenever you want. My Mom, however, will never allow me...:cry:
Well, if I'm 21 and get it tattooed already, she won't be able to say anything...*evil laugh*
xfadedprimadonnax's avatar
I'm getting one too but mine going to have a banner that said Never surrender
I like it .. I like frank scorpion but i would shade mine different
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That's fucking awesome! I'm so stupid I only now clicked on your scraps and I found this amazing picture! I'm too young to get a tattoo and would probably chicken out if I were to get one. I envy your bravery and dedication. :D
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and umm how old are you? XD
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13 going on 14. Young? I know but I HATE this fucking generation. I wish I was older to get away from all these immature dumbasses my age. I have nothing in common with them! I have a bro that is 17 so I'm used to hanging out with older people. How old are you? I'm guessing it's on your profile thing but I'm too lazy to check. XD
diiwaanc's avatar
yeah umm i'm 17 XD
I'm scared of the new generation because I think everyone likes miley cyrus, jonas brothers and other disney stuff XD
SmashingChemicals's avatar
That's exactly what I hate. Everyone likes the mainstream stuff and it's really just a bunch of shit.
diiwaanc's avatar
Yes I totally agree. I avoid everything that is popular XD
SmashingChemicals's avatar
Tell me about it. I am the exact opposite of everyone around me and I actually get yelled at by my parents for it. My mom always has to go " Why can't you dress like her? " or something stupid like that every 5 seconds. If it's not that it's " I had 2 boys and 1 daughter, not 3 boys! " or " Why are all your clothes black, your a girl wear something pink! " I hate it so much! I even get shit from the kids at school about the way I dress and the music I listen to.
diiwaanc's avatar
ewww pink XD i hate pink XD
I like red and black XD
that's why I don't listen to parents XD
But my mom is really nice because she buys me make up when I need it XD XD
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really? wow, you know it's gonna be hard to find a job now right, make sure you knoe how to cover it up with makeup!!! other than that, it's pretty awesome! :iconilikeitplz:
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