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Some Jurassic World employees and a Grey Guard

By Dihenad
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As one of the biggest theme parks in the world, Jurassic World has a variety of employees who perform different tasks. On this lineup, we have representatives from:

- The Clerks, with whom the visitors have the most interactions within the park itself. They run shops and stands, greet the visitors upon their arrival on Isla Nublar. When one must speak to the park's staff, they generally turns towards them.    
- The Workers, who represent the backbone of the park as they are in charge of its everyday maintenance and perform a variety of tasks, including garbage collecting, construction works, the supervision of the power plants, the fixing of the fences... 
- The Tour Guides, who bring visitors on tours and are very knowledgeable in prehistoric life, Costa Rican wildlife and Isla Nublar's history. 
- The Oceanarium Keepers. Actually a subdivision among the keepers, they are specialized in the feeding and care of the marine species along with the cleaning and the maintenance of the pools and lagoons. They are thus almost only found in the Oceanarium and also hosts the presentation shows that happens there, like the famous Mosasaur Feeding Show.
- The Park Keepers. They attend to the dinosaurs and the other de-extinct prehistoric species housed in the park. 
- The J-SEC officers. A branch of InGen Security, the J-SEC is tasked with ensuring the safety of Jurassic World's staff members and visitors and the respect of law and order on Isla Nublar. 

In addition to all these Jurassic World employees, visitors can also occasionally see during their stay on the island some military-like dark green-clad individuals, patrolling on foot or horseback and keeping watcheful eyes on some of the park's most dangerous denizens and anyone who would show some suscpicious behaviour. Those are the grey guards, paramilitaries hailing from all over the world and hired by the United Nations and the Costa Rican government to help with the park's security and who are present not only on Isla Nublar, but also in the Five Deaths archipelago, almost a hundred kilometers southwest of Nublar and home to feral populations of de-extinct species. The Grey Guard has an efficient partnership with Jurassic World's staff that dates from some of the park's earliest days and due to their experience in the Lost World that the Five Deaths became, the grey guards have no equal in the rest of the world when it comes to deal with dangerous situations involving de-extinct species. In the event of an incident involving rampaging animals, they act as the park's first line of defence, capturing the loose creatures before they cause damage.  

The characters of this lineup are not based on specific characters from my fan-novel (see links below) and their purpose is more to serve as a visual aide for the reader in his/her representation of the uniforms among other things. 

I am aware that some on DeviantArt frowns upon the use of HeroMachine, the software thanks to which I made those character concepts, but since my drawing skills are quite poor, this was the only solution that I had within my hands. 
Through trials, I managed to understand the basics of this software and I hope that this first attempt of a character lineup is decent. I might try later to make concepts of some of the main and secondary characters from my fan-novel but since the physical look of many of them is based on real actors, it will be another kettle of fish. 

This character lineup is affiliated to my Jurassic World rewrite, available here :……
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I'm glad you appreciate it.

I forgot to ask you this back when we exchanged on but what were your thoughts on my JW reimagining? Did you liked it? Any favourite scenes, characters or other aspects?

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I was actually considering to put my thoughts out. Anyway just know I am going to make comparisons with a fellow fic writer pmraptor98 who wrote his own JW rewrite

Is that okay?

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I've read pmraptor98's rewrite of JW back in 2016 and saw the illustrations (including yours) of his version of the Indominus. His story had some cool scenes, park attractions and interesting backstory elements.

I see no problem in making comparisons with his fic if it serves your arguments.

HavocSauropod's avatar

Very well. I really appreciate the worldbuilding. From the island's history, the unique locations, and the inner workings of the park make the place feel real. Though this attention to detail can be a double edge sword. With all this lore, alot of new characters and sideplots on top of the original story has made it difficult for me to follow. The addition of hostile soldiers and a "civil war" of sorts really threw me off from the main plot. The drama I think kinda went overboard especially when Claire tried to commit sepeku. In pmraptor98's version he gave the appropriate amount of context and character development for the already existing elements in the original story with one or two genuinely new characters.

The dinosaur stuff, couldn't for better especially the ancient temple battle.

Overall despite the overwhelming plot threads the story was pretty good.

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Thank you for your answer. The flaws you listed are noted.

If I understand correctly, you enjoyed the dinosaurs' scenes and more particularly the temple confrontation? What did you liked in the latter?

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The unique setting, the claustrophobic atmosphere, and that the Indomidus commands two actual armies of dinosaurs. What's not to like.

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Armies might be word too strong for a dozen of proceratosaurs and 23 raptors. Lol.

But yeah, it's true that the scene has thrilling elements. The whole Haunted Mountain episode is basically Aliens meets Tolkien meets Tomb Raider.

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