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Scavengers in Troubled Waters

By Dihenad
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In the days following the fall of Jurassic World, two teams land on Isla Nublar, both working for InGen's rivals. Their objective? Retrieving data or samples of the utmost importance. They must carry on their mission while avoiding both InGen's men and the creatures of another age that haunts the park's post-apocalyptic ruins.


Author’s note

Scavengers in Troubled Waters does not take place in the universe of the new film trilogy but in an alternate universe that I created for my previous fan-novels, Jurassic World: The Edge of Chaos and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, whose PDF version is available here:…

Therefore, don't be surprised if a lot of elements differ from those seen in the films. It is not necessary to read the above-mentioned novels to understand the essential of this novelette’s plot but as it contains spoilers of them, read Scavengers in Troubled Waters at your own risk. 

Please note that due to the presence of violence, gore, strong language and adult themes, the story is not suitable for younger audiences.

As you will soon notice during your reading, Scavengers in Troubled Waters is a sort of reimagining of the prologue of JA Bayona’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This novelette will also serve as a prologue for a larger story, titled Jurassic World: The Red Queen and which will be the sequel to my Jurassic World duology. As the publication of The Red Queen’s French version will begin in the second half of 2022, don’t expect the English version before 2023.

I wish you a good reading of Scavengers in Troubled Waters!



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Just read it. It was pretty good.