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Grey Guard official sigil

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"Who are these people?" Zach asked Cruthers.
"The Grey Guard, a military force created by the UN after the Horseshoe Bay incident to ensure a more effective quarantine of the Five Deaths Archipelago where dinosaurs had returned to the wild."
"The Horseshoe Bay incident?"
"It happened at the end of 2001 in British Columbia. Pteranodons escaped from their aviary on Isla Sorna had flew up there and wreak havoc in the area before being killed. It had been on the front page for a while. Maybe you were too young to remember... "
"So these people are like blue helmets?"
"Not really. Many see them as nothing more than a glorified mercenary company. Do you know the X-COM videogame series?
"Vaguely. The one where soldiers from all over the world are fighting aliens together?"
"Well, the Grey Guard is a bit like a mix between the X-COM organization, the French Foreign Legion and the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones..."

- Zach Mitchell and Lowery Cruthers.

The Grey Guard is a UN-backed military organisation found in the Five Deaths Archipelago and on Isla Nublar, off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is dedicated to the protection of the aforementioned archipelago, populated by feral de-extinct reptiles escaped from InGen's Site B on Isla Sorna. It also supports the staff of Jurassic World in ensuring the safety of the park and its employees and visitors. As the guards are used to deal with dinosaurs and other dangerous de-extinct species, they are useful in capturing escaped and/or rampaging animals. The current marshal is Helmut Störmer. 

Its sigil consists of a roaring dragon and a crescent of five stars. While each star represent one of the Five Deaths' islands, the dragon is a metaphoric representation of the fauna that the Guard is watching over. 
The featuring sigil is indeed the official one and appears in the organisation's documents and assets but it isn't the first that had been suggested. The first version had human skulls instead of stars and therefore, it was regarded as being too sinister by the UN authorities but the guards themselves liked so much that they made T-shirts and flags bearing it.

The organisation's motto is Cave Dracones, Beware the Dragons in Latin, and its names comes from the greenish grey colour of its uniforms.


Caer Draig, or Dragon Castle in Welsh, is the main and largest base of the Guard. Located on the northern coast of Isla Sorna on a rocky outcrop, it's the only place in the Five Deaths were humans can truly safely move outside as the combination of the fort's wall and the Outer Fence prevent any intrusion from inland. Geosternbergias from a neighbouring colony sometimes flies over it but these piscivorous pterosaurs only attacks humans if they feel that them or their nests are threatened. 

In 2017, the Grey Guard numbered three hundred ninety guards in total, ninety on Isla Nublar and three hundred in the Five Deaths. Of these three hundred, thirty were stationed on Isla Matanceros, thirty others on Isla Pena and the remaining two hundred and forty on Isla Sorna, at Caer Draig or at the outposts and watchtowers scattered across the island. 
In addition to all their facilities in the Five Deaths and their barracks on Nublar, the Guard have an office in San José.

Recruitment is open to anyone with at least three years of experience in the armed forces or the police of any UN member state. After a thorough examination of each file, the candidates are summoned for several weeks of intensive training and tests at the barracks of the Isla Nublar's garrison.

To move on the islands for their tasks, the Guard mainly uses armoured vehicles like Hummers or Marauders but as the theme park environment of Isla Nublar is safer than the wilderness of Sorna full of predators and behemoth herbivores, the guards on Nublar also uses horses for patrolling tasks. The organisation also owns several transport helicopters, including one on Nublar.

The Sleipnir, an amphibious ship, is sometimes used to transport vehicles and/or a large number of troops between the islands and patrol ships are deployed along the limits of the restricted area that encompass the whole archipelago and its surrounding waters.


After the San Diego incident in May 1997, the Committee on the Containment and Control of Deextincted Life Forms, also known as CCCDLF, was set up by the United Nations in order to ban the access to Isla Sorna and monitor its Mesozoic fauna. But the means put in place to dissuade any intruder, a spy plane and a pre-recorded radio message, were derisory and the illegal tour operators were quickly followed by poachers. This poaching phenomenon, combined with the political and media fallout of the pteranodons' attacks in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, urged the Security Council to unanimously adopt a resolution in late December 2001 to create the United Nations Mission in the Five Deaths Archipelago (UNMFDA). Through this resolution, the Security Council sought to found an international military force whose role would be to put the island under a more effective quarantine, the future Grey Guard.

February 2002 saw the signing of the San José agreements and in those, it was stipulated that the United Nations, through the Costa Rican government, authorised Simon Masrani to build Jurassic World on Isla Nublar in exchange for the authorisation of the establishment of a Grey Guard's garrison on Nublar in order to ensure the maintenance of a high level of security in the park, a material and financial support to the Guard and, above all, the definitive return of the Five Deaths under Costa Rican and UN jurisdiction with all the creature that lived there.
Despite this heavy toll, Masrani signed the agreements, an act to which several members of InGen's board of directors reacted with anger and created a deep resentment of them against the Indian tycoon. They also started to saw the Guard as a nuisance.

A month later, while InGen and Masrani Global had started the construction of Jurassic World on Nublar, two headsperson of the UNMFDA contacted Lord Bleidd Pennant, a Welsh aristocrat and decorated colonel of the British army, to tell him about the implementation of this UN mission and shortly after, he entrusted his lands to his family and left for the New World. With other foreign officers, he founded the Guard and became its first marshal.

The first guards landed on Sorna in the beginning of the summer of 2002 while their base was being built on the northern coast of the island, Caer Draig, or Dragon Castle in Welsh, named that way by Lord Bleidd Pennant, a Welsh aristocrat and decorated colonel of the British army who founded the Guard with other foreign officers and became its first marshal. 
The first years of the organisation were difficult and many guards, including Bleidd Pennant, were killed in the line of duty, either by members of the wildlife they were protecting or by poachers. Although the latter were initially only peasants and fishermen armed with hunting rifles and machetes, they were soon supported by foreign mercenaries who brought with them more sophisticated equipment, of military manufacturing. Skirmishes took place on Isla Sorna, and the poachers were only driven out of the Five Deaths when the guards stormed the outpost they had established in the middle of the jungle of Isla Matanceros. In order to prevent anyone unauthorised from setting foot on the islands, boats were provided to the Guard to blockade the archipelago and even though some vessels and aircrafts were trying to fall through the cracks from time to time, most of them were stopped in time and delivered to the Costa Rican authorities.

Once poaching had greatly declined, the guards knew a certain form of routine, spending their days patrolling, dismantling the facilities of old Site B and escorting the scientists that conducted studies on the feral dinosaurs.

This sigil is affiliated to my Jurassic World rewrite, available here :……… (PDF version)

Credits :

The dragon pose is inspired by one from a T-shirt by Celtic Jackalope.

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