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Hi folks !
I am an half-french,half german biology student and an amateur photographer (My camera is a Sony DSC-HX100V).
I have many interests in life : Natural science, travels, cooking, sci-fi and heroïc-fantasy films, Tv shows and video games.

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Alan Lee, John Howe, Frank Frazetta, Cheung Chungtat, Julius Csotonyi, Luis V. Rey, Raúl Martín, Todd Marshall, David Krentz, Ricardo Delgado
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Jurassic Park, Middle-Earth movies, Conan the barbarian (John Milius version), Planet of the Apes, King Kong, Avatar, Pacific Rim
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Primeval, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Continuum, Farscape, Stargate, Fringe, Sherlock, Parks and recreation, Brooklyn 99, Blackadder, Ash vs Evil Dead, Kaamelott, South Park, Rick and Morty, Rome, Penny Dreadful, Black Sails, The Last Kingdom
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Howard Shore, Bear McCreary, Ramin Djawadi, Michael Giacchino, Richard Wagner, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Wardruna
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The Lord of the rings, The Children of Hurin, Jurassic Park, Timeline, Conan the barbarian, Téméraire, Dinotopia
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J.R.R Tolkien, Michael Crichton, Robert E.Howard, Naomi Novik, James Gurney
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Battle for Middle-Earth, Zoo tycoon
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Zoology, Paleontology, Environmental issues, Mythology, Ancient and Medieval History, Travels, Cooking


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InGen extracting the Indominus? That would have been quite an operation and not one of the most discreet. Which part of the island is turned into a warzone?

As for the mentioned organization in my story, it's not exactly the ACU and is called the Grey Guard, after the dark green-grey colours of their uniforms. Like it, it helps with Jurassic World's security, is sometimes tasked with capturing loose animals, Hamada is the commanding officer on Nublar... but they are not part of Masrani Global, though the latter are among its financial backers. It is actually a paramilitary organization that work first for the United Nations (through the Costa Rica government) and whose first and main role is to guard the Five Deaths and their wildlife (thus, Masrani Global use them at Nublar as PMCs). In terms of aesthetics and mentality, they are quite different from the ACU of the 2015 film.

Proxis Protocol

Interesting premise, as it explores the respective relationships between the ACU, Masrani and InGen. So this story would take place in parallel to the latter parts of the Jurassic World incident? Do you plan to make other illustrations of it or even write it?

In a JW fan-novel that I recently completed, I also had a subplot where the organization that replaces the ACU in my story ends up having a conflict against InGen Security amidst the fall of Jurassic World but for different reasons than those you named (more out of personal vendetta than loyalty to Masrani).

Proxis Protocol
Dihenad commented on Johnson-Mortimer's profile

Thank you very much for watching! :)

Armies might be word too strong for a dozen of proceratosaurs and 23 raptors. Lol.

But yeah, it's true that the scene has thrilling elements. The whole Haunted Mountain episode is basically Aliens meets Tolkien meets Tomb Raider.

Some Jurassic World employees and a Grey Guard

Thank you for your answer. The flaws you listed are noted.

If I understand correctly, you enjoyed the dinosaurs' scenes and more particularly the temple confrontation? What did you liked in the latter?

Some Jurassic World employees and a Grey Guard