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Trixie in a Box

By Digoraccoon
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"The Great and Powerful Trixie has heard that you enjoy ponies in boxes. Well behold, my little admirers, for Trixie is the greatest and most beautiful pony in a box! Trixie is so great, that she ships alone! Was there any doubt? be a dear and let Trixie out of this box. It's squishing her favorite hat."
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Ponies in a box. It was a thing at some point. :)
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It's my trix in a box!
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Special delivery for princess Twilight Sparkle!
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Free shipping? :D
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Discord approved!
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hi... care for a drink and a jelly baby? (pulls her out of box_
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You know, I wonder what flavors would be her favorite?
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of jelly baby's?
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Yeah. Unless she likes fish sticks and custard. :)
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I go with the jelly babys... unless she likes custard on the side
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AJ - "What in tarnation is that on Twi's door step?"
Dash - "Oh look it's a Jack-ass in a box.  Shell we turn her crank and set her off?"
AJ - "Naw let her be.  Twi can handle this."

Twi opens door and looks down with eyes beaming and a huge smile.

Twi - "Yes Yes Yes Yes!  My SHIPment arrived."
Trixie - "As per agreement.  Trixie took care of the shipping.  So now...."
Twi - "Oh don't you worry.  I most definitely got the HANDLEING covered."  ;P

Twi pulls the package inside leaving AJ and Dash jaw dropped in shock.


I wanted to make the joke about shipping and jack-in-the box, but was not sure how to do it right.  So this popped in my head like most of my thoughts.  ;P

Great art and ya... I ship that like fedex.  ;P
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LOL, nice jokes. :D I can dig it.
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whoa i just read that in her voice and everything. cute!
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Then my work here is done. :D

*Smoke bomb - escape!*
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:iconmlptrixieplz::iconsays3plz:Hey, stay out of house!
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:iconiloveyouplz::iconsays3plz: That description is beautiful!

Almost as beautiful as best pony herself!
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She's quite adorable! But yes, the box doesn't seem to be quite large enough to contain all her greatness and power. :)
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No box could, I think. :D
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The great and powerful boxing meterial 
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Packing peanut-butter crackers? ;)
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