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The Last Starfighter

By Digoraccoon
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The Last Starfighter and My Little Pony... what's the connection? I don't know, but this idea came to me when I was thinking about the movie. Sadly I was nearly done with this when I realized I should do King Sombra as Xur. Genius! :D
Ah well, enjoy the laughs!
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...bug zapper, haha! :D
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We do not have enough last starfighter references.

Though I'm glad the death blossom has gone down in history.
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The Last Starfighter is a very quotable movie. :D
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What's the connection? Button Mash would be in the role of Alex Rogan since he's such a videogame fanatic!

Clapping Pony Icon - Button Mash"Yay! I'm going to fight Xur and the Kodan Armada"!
Button's Mom "Button, stop play videogames so much! It's going mess with your head"!
Clapping Pony Icon - Button Mash "Mom, why do you look like that? Are you playing with that buzzing artillery shell thing you have in your dresser drawer again"?
Button's Mom "Button! Of course not! This is the only emoticon of me that the guy posting this message could find"!
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Pffft, that punchline. Hilarious. XD
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How cute :D

It looks like Chrysalis is wearing a Scouter...
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How cute x)  Chrysalis playling with kid-changlings ... o myyy... Heart Heart Heart 
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aww chrysalis playing with her nymphs 
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Yeah. She can be a good mother. :D
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yeah thats why i think what we saw was a mental brake down of sort (also yay someone that knows what i mean when i say nymphs) 
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Yeah, I've heard the nymph term and adopted it myself. :)
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were did you hear it from?
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An online Pony RPG I'm in.
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ah i would like to hear about that I heard the term in fan fics and bio fics and liked it
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Yeah, I think it's a good term. We're transcribing our RP adventures into a chapter story on Fimfiction:…
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Luna and the Changeling Armada!
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Ahh haa, I just got it.
That's pretty funny:D
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Thanks. This is one of my personal favorites. :)
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dude! this needs to be a scene in the fanfic "equestrias crazys"!! in fact i'm going to post a link to this comic on his fimfiction page right now!
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