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Sparks - Kobold Wizard

Sparks is a young kobold who was born without the inner... "spark" of sorcerous magic most kobolds have. Instead he poured over books and educated himself to read and write his own magic. This ostracized him from his clan, but Sparks sees the exile more as a coming of age adventure to understanding what freedom is and what the greater world has to offer outside his old cavern home. He met up with a group of adventurers and after strange introductions, he now travels with them, providing the team with vast knowledge in many assorted subjects in return for learning the cultures of other races. He is a good ally in a fight, but Sparks is still a kobold, and his inner draconic nature sometimes gets the best of him, prompting other party members to stop him from grabbing at whatever little shiny object he finds in the dungeons.
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Awww he's so adorable!! How do you make kobolds look so cute????

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I dunno, I just look for cute kobolds online for inspiraton and then start drawing. ^^;

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"No dragon blood?"

*Boots out front door.*

"Away with you." *Neeners*

But lovely little guy!

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That is probably a decent summation of his exile. He didn't want to just be a miner in the caves either. ^^