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Digimon Xros Wars Episodes

The newest season of digimon, sure you can probably find it on youtube, but if you'd like to download the episodes go here: - the links are bit torrent files, scroll down to the "in progress" section to find the Digimon Xros Wars episodes

Also, at the very top, it shows you the most recent downloads, so once you watch them all you can simply look at the top for newest updates ;)

website recommended by MizzaModder

Got another place for Xros War episodes, similar to youtube where you can view it right on the site:

website recommended by XXKitsunaXX




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Digimon Features

:bulletblue: Links to digimon stuff - the following are links to information about digimon, dedications to the digimon fandom, and more~

:bulletyellow: DIGIMON COMMISSIONS PAGE - A list of deviants who accept commissions, gifts, point commissions, requests, trades and more!!

Taniaetc suggested you all to check out some tumblr accounts:… and to check for more, try: digimondirectory.tumblrcom

animemaster9009 Made this cool digimon dedication video on youtube:…

Manik-Needlemouse suggested a good digimon manga, Digimon Next: not sure if this will still be updated though, manga scan sites are being deactivated...

:bulletpurple: digimon info on wiki - Some articles on digimon stuff, mostly manga and such that we might not know about our digimon! Though, I'm not sure wikipedia has the most accurate articles, but still, they're here if you're interested :)… - Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 (manga)… - Digimon Next (manga) - Digimon D-cyber (manhua/chinese manga)… - Digimon Chronicle (manga)

Non-digimon Ads

jochannon requested I post some information on this journal:… - basically it is a feature, if you'd like to have information about getting some fan art and fan fiction published :nod:


I will affiliate with any group, doesn't just have to be digimon :) however, spreading digimon love is fully approved by me! Long live the digimon fandom!!
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This group is dedicated to the anime Digimon! All seasons and movies from only that series are allowed!
-digimon, digital monsters, fan art, fan fiction, digital world
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Aug 19, 2005


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Fan Club

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-Submission Guidelines-


Submission Guidelines

1. All deviations are subject to admin voting before entering the gallery. This could take up to 5-7 days *minimum and 25 days *maximum since there are a lot of images that appear in the inbox.

2. Deviations can be from any season: 1-6, the Tri movies, any pairings, groups of characters, fan-fiction, etc. are allowed. You may submit 2 deviations per day or up to 10-14 per week.

3. Original characters (human or digimon) are ONLY allowed IF accompanied by official characters from the series. (game, show, etc.) This means you can NOT submit just your OCs in a deviation.
** Gijinka (a human form of a non-human character- in this case a digimon) are only allowed if the humanized-digimon has features similar to the official digimon.
:police: This also includes digimon that are mixed with another digimon!! Even if they are both from the series, if they were not mixed in the series, then they count as original characters!!

4. Sketches and work-in-progress shots are allowed; however, finished works are preferred.

5. Tracing is not allowed; this includes trace overs of official images or work by other artists. Pixels *are* allowed since many artists allow others to use them with permission. Screen shots are *only* allowed if part of a wallpaper or comic-style type of image.

6. Mature deviations are only allowed when the deviant uses the mature content filter, expresses the nature of the image in the deviation, the characters in the image are of age of consent, and follow deviantArt guidelines. Other limitations may apply in which I will contact the deviant.

:new: 7. Screen shots are NOT allowed! I keep getting a lot of these... the ONLY way I would allow screen shots if they were used in a MEME and then it would still be subjective as how it was used OR as a desktop that you would use as a wallpaper.

*italics means have had problems with past deviations, PLEASE follow this step!
August 7th 2021: Hello! I started a new page for this- my old page has been getting attention so I figure, I will update it since the old one is years old. If you want to offer commissions, fill out the form below. If you want to request a commission, just let me know what it is you are looking for and I will post that in here for people to apply as well :nod: These commissions are specifically for DIGIMON ONLY! If you form a bond with someone once off this page, then feel free from there to commission them for other work :3
-> You may also list if you're willing to draw *requests, *trades or anything else. The application form is located at the bottom of the page; you may fill that out in the comments below and I will copy/paste them into this journal so other people will know you're available too!
Deviants ACCEPTING commissions:
Lady-RyuuXX87 - Status: Open, only taking 1-2 at the moment
- Accepts: Only commissions at the moment
- Payment method: Paypal, points and venmo
- Rates: I charge $25 per HOUR and a deviation can take anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on complexity/background/medium used; I draw mostly the human characters but I might take a digimon depending on complexity; no current deals
- Turn around time: (1-2 weeks per commission)
- Comments/Questions?: I'm a stay-at-home mom so it's possible I could do it sooner but just want to give myself enough time just to be on the safe side
* currently awaiting new deviants to apply
*** Please let me know if something changes and you are no longer accepting commissions!
Deviants LOOKING FOR a commission:
Deviant: XrosBrony
Requested on: March 9th, 2021; still looking May 22, 2021
The request: I am looking for is some can draw an OC in Digimon Adventure style
Requested on: July 25th, 2021
The request: I am looking to commission two pieces of art for custom Digimon cards.
*** Please let me know if someone has taken your commission so that I may remove it from here!!! Or if you no longer desire or have the funds for the commission
- Status: (are you open, closed, only taking a certain amount?)
- Accepts: (what do you accept? commissions, requests, trades?) Feel free to use the icons from here:
(not a requirement and you don't have to list them all)
- Payment method: (do you accept paypal? points? money order forms? etc)
- Rates: (how much are your commissions and what do you draw? do you have a deal going? you can link to your commissions page or fill out prices here)
- References: (add a MAX of 4 images of sample work OR leave a link with sample references... if this is on your rates page, just type "listed in rates section")
- Turn around time: (how long will it take you? give an estimate)
- Comments/Questions?: (you can leave some extra thoughts on your work, try not to go over 2-3 sentences, or feel free to write N/A - not applicable if you don't feel like writing anything)
PLEASE NOTE! Anyone who fills this out may or may not ALWAYS be taking commissions/requests/trades- make sure you update your pages and/or NOTIFY me to update your status
*Also, this list is alphabetical- unless a deviant changed their name, so I might not always notice this
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