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The Visitor

Character  Godzilla Fanart
The Visitor is an unused kaiju from the 2007 Godzilla game, Godzilla:UnleashedCommission for :iconkaijux:

According to Chris Chin (the original modeler/animator) "The Visitor was inspired from the two existing alien monsters, Gigan and Orga, possessing a similar outer world look. The Visitor is native to an extremely harsh, mountainous planet and has four hooked claw appendages protruding from the creature’s spinal column. Reminiscent of the older Gigan's hook arms, these limbs are used as weapons as well as tools for digging and climbing..."
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This is absolutely amazing!  Also, thank you for including the tail for this kaiju.  I've seen some fan art for this kaiju before and sometimes other artists don't include the tail.  I think this is due to one of the concept art pictures that artists use as a reference for this guy didn't have a tail at all or at least not one shown.  It makes me wonder if the tail was something that wasn't considered until later in production. 

Of all the proposed original kaiju for Godzilla Unleashed that could have made it into the game, this is the one that I wished got in instead of Obsidius.  I remember some kaiju fans at the time felt that he looked too much like a Ben Ten-esque alien.  Fire Lion and Lightning Bug were also accused of being too similar to King Caesar and Megalon respectively.  However, in hindsight, I think I would have taken any of them over Obsidius.  Fire Lion is at least quadrupedal and is in fact a very lion-like dragon instead of just a lion.  Lightning Bug at least has an interesting appearance.  Visitor has a man-in-a-suit vibe and looks the most Toho kaiju-esque of all the considered kaiju for Godzilla Unleashed.  Obsidius looks like they took a dinosaur, combined with aspects of a gorilla, likely King Kong (his chest-beating in his battle intro gives me King Kong vibe), and fused it with the qualities of a volcano.  I don't hate Obsidius.  It's just that hindsight has given me a new perspective and makes me think that the most lackluster kaiju of the bunch won the contest.

Oh well, even if the Visitor won, he wouldn't have had much of a future anyway.  Considering that Obsidius' only appearance in official Godzilla media was the Wii version of Godzilla Unleashed, I think the same fate would have befell to any of the kaiju that won the contest.  Once again, I just want to say thank you for making this art piece.
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Thank you for such a great write up! Much appreciated

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Most excellent :winner: :winner: :winner: !   Great work!
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Never thought I'd see this guy in 3D form. Excellent work. :)
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Awesome work, I wish this kaiju was made in the game another material. 
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That's just really AMAZING!! This looks perfect for a character tender!! I wish The Visitor would've won to Obsidius, it has more potential
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Your art of him looks amazing. Though honestly, I thought he was the weakest designs of all 4 of the original monsters. But you did a really great job on him though :)
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That thing looks beast! The teal and purple colors work surprisingly well, while the textures look particularly boney. The maw reminds me of some other monster, but I just can't put my finger on it... Either way, superb work! :D
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Thanks steelia! the mouth kinda reminds me of the Little shop of Horrors plant.

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OOoooohoho, man! The Visitor came out beautifully! Knew I had this one in the right hands. ;) Stellar job, my dude! I swear, you get better and better each time, haha. :XD:
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Thanks man! I'll post more images soon.

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To me, he looks more like an inspiration between a Necromorph due to the scythe-like appendages that they normally have, and its body is an inspiration to the Xenomorph.
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This is absolutely fantastic Clap 
I wonder how The Visitor could've sound like 
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