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:bulletred:Down-to-earth Magic Contest - a collaborative contest for pairs: one writer and one digital artist. If you cannot find a partner please, check out this blog:…

:bulletred:A survey among digital artists

:bulletred:A survey among writers

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:star:Type Your Heart Out Event Recap

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Soul Sister by carpenoctem410
Love Letter Contest Stamp by drop-asd
Digiversity Article I by drop-asd
Members' Artworks
GAIA 06 Cover by Z3ros
The angel is here by TheMysticWolf
clubs typo by MK-4
Down-to-Earth Magic Contest
Invisible War - Accident Scene by Lady-Tempest
Constructive Comment Corner

Mature Content

A naked soul by drop-asd
A birth of a yuda by drop-asd
The star by drop-asd
Interview Features
Surrender by Anton101
Fallen by Anton101
The Fall of Sin by Anton101
Love Letter Contest
Letter A by Gr4dy
A Letter by Gr4dy
Love Letter Entry by american18076
Soul Sister by carpenoctem410

Group Info

We want to share remarkable digital art, encourage digital artists' creativity and motivation via contests and challenges, offer help, advice and resources, promote collaborative work, spread the word about current events on deviantArt and help unite the digital community.
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Art Creation

333 Members
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Make Believe by simoneheld
Avalanche by nocturnal-schism

Mature Content

Vertigo by simoneheld
Don Michael by ratscape
One more sunrise with you... by Gr4dy
Kamyanec by AleksCG
Geonigmus Fire by Decadia
Spring Excursion by 00AngelicDevil00
Aesop's Peacock by celestialstarz
Million Years Ago by ashiong
Vampire magic by DevBurmak
upturn by Fiery-Fire
Ivy Hearts by Yasny-chan
Dragon Mister by SuicideBySafetyPin
A Hint of Lavender by HBKerr
Only Time by Kevin-Roodhorst
29VII2O1O by Marcianek
Nebula by Street-FX
Chloroform Perfume by soad2K
Mixed Media
Dead at Sea by Rahll
S3 XII - Old London Memories by aiiven

Mature Content

Amber by jeffsimpsonkh
All Saints by MichaelO
Khador Army by andreauderzo
air of fish by breath-art
Fuchsia by PapaNinja
The sun never sets... by KareBare
Autopsy_Infusion by NeoStockz
primI by anapt

Mature Content

60531 by kubicki
Pixel Art
Animated Dollmaker by kawaiihannah
Jellyfish by zipple
swing by Krissi001
Text Art
Past by criminalart
What Lies Within by um0p3pisdn
Body on the move alternative by SC-3
A Lily by any other name by Mirabel
Jordin Sparks by Swezzels
Vector Tutorial - Illustrator by ElectraSinclair
Digital Fan Art
DotA fan art by thaigraff
Digital Anthro
Highland View by Kyndir
Digital Cartoons and Comics
X's coming by zinph1212
Digital Manga Anime
For a long time people have been asking us when we will open our gallery for submissions. Up until now we have been a group for projects and events, the gallery being an archive of those events. But we understand that our members would like their art to be showcased on a regular basis so in response to your requests we are finally opening our gallery.  Before you start submitting, though, we are asking you to familiarize yourself with our group description and submission guidelines.

:bulletgreen:What is Digiversity?

The name of our group comes from combining "digital" and "diversity" because we are a group open to all digital media. We are a group for all digital artists providing you with events, projects, contests, exposure and feedback.

:bulletgreen:Why should you join?

By joining you will be able to submit to our gallery and receive notifications of our various projects so that you don't miss anything you wish to participate in.

:bulletgreen:How does the gallery work?

Most folders in the gallery will remain closed. Here is what kind of pieces you will find in each one:

:bulletred:Interview Features - submissions not allowed

As part of the events we hold we are conducting interviews with members of the community depending on the theme of the current event. Each interview includes some of the best works by the interviewed artist and a few of them will be submitted to this gallery by the staff team.

:bulletred:Love Letter Contest - submissions not allowed

This folder contains the entries in our previous contest called Love Letter. For now we will be creating a new folder for every contest we host. When we become a super group all previous contest entries will be collected in subfolders in one Contests folder with only the current one with its own gallery folder.

:bulletred:Down-to-earth Magic Contest - submissions not allowed

Our current contest is called Down-to-earth magic. All entries received by note will be added to this folder manually by our team. Submissions will not be allowed for organizational purposes.

:bulletred:Members' Artworks - submissions allowed

This is the folder where you can submit your art to the group. Submissions will be limited to one submission per week per person. Why do we set such low a limit? Because every piece submitted to this folder will be included in a weekly news feature. Once every month we will issue a feature of the very best pieces submitted to the gallery for the past month including a short interview with our favourite artist of the month and updates on current events in the group.

Important! Artworks with mature content will not be allowed for the time being!

:bulletred:Featured - submissions not allowed

Every month our team will submit the pieces featured in our monthly feature in this folder. You will be able to see the works we are most proud of but it would be our choice which ones they are. For now at least.  ;)

:bulletred:Constructive Comment Corner - submissions not allowed

The idea behind the constructive comment corner or CCC is comment trade. If you would like a constructive comment on a deviation of yours here's what you should do:
1) Open the folder and find a deviation that you can leave a constructive comment on (a constructive comment must be no less than 100 words and should provide useful feedback, critique and suggestions for the artist).
2) Copy the link to your comment and paste it in a comment in the group's gallery alongside one of your works which needs a constructive comment.
3) If your the comment you've posted is indeed what we deem a constructive comment your deviation will be added to the folder for other members to comment on.
4) Remember, the trade is one comment for one deviation. If you comment on more than one pieces in the folder you will be able to submit more of your own pieces. Each gallery comment should include a link to one comment on a piece from the CCC folder and one of your own pieces.

Depending on the number of comments we receive, we'll make regular news articles featuring all the commented works and some of our favourite comments left by our users.
To avoid posting more comment on the same deviation, as soon as a submission receives a comment it will be removed from the folder.

The first deviation in the folder will be mine. More deviations will be generously donated by some of the people we have interviewed so far.

:bulletgreen:What about favourites?

For now we are leaving favourites closed for suggestions. This is the place where we collect our favourite artworks by artists who aren't members of our group. Feel free to look through them and find some favs yourself!

:bulletgreen:Can I join the staff?

We are in desperate need for volunteers! Here are the positions you can apply for:
1) Favourites collector - part of the contributors team; your task will be submitting quality digital pieces to our favourites. Your application will be accepted or declined based on your own favourites.
2) Feature contributor - part of the contributors team; your task will be taking part in choosing the best artworks for our monthly article giving your opinion about why they should be featured.
3) Event manager - part of the co-founders team; your job will be connected to managing our events i.e. finding people to interview depending on our current event, conducting interviews and surveys, help promoting our events, giving feedback to members regarding the events.

In order to apply, please send the group a note titled "[the position you are applying for] Application". In the note please include: your name, age, origin, mother language (if you don't have a proper command in English your application may be declined), projects or groups you've been involved with, the reason you are applying and how much time you will be able to dedicate to the group.

Thank you for reading!
I was aware from the very beginning that there will be a lot of people who would like to take part in the contest but have difficulty finding a partner. Therefore following Memnalar's advice I am making a feature of the people who are so far partnerless and are looking for someone to collaborate with.



Digital Artists


:bulletblue:  Please, let me know if you have found a partner so I can put you off the list.
:bulletblue: If you already have a partner but wish to make a second entry, don't forget you can also make another one with a different partner.
:bulletblue: If you have applied for a partner but do not find yourself on this list, please leave a comment to this journal. Messages are a bit scattered right now.
:bulletblue: If you decide to start your entry before finding a partner, let me know what subject you have chosen so I can add it to your username here. It will help other people decide more easily whether to collaborate with you.
:bulletblue: Don't forget this contest isn't only open for drawings/paintings but for any kind of visual digital art - emotes, photomanipulation, vector and vexel, mixed media, 3D and text art.  :love:

Thank you for the participation!
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Miyako-K Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Does anyone know what happened to *drop-asd?
Kai45 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Is this group dead???
LaSignoraDeiGhiacci Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Hi! I'm one of the judges of Down-to-Earth Magic contest. I am writing to let you all know that I decided to post my preferences about the VISUAL part of the contest. In this journal [link] you can read all, better explained (I hope) :)
Bye-bye! :aww:
X-Strike-Fire-Dragon Featured By Owner May 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*drop-asd isn't going to come back for this. If she was she would have done so some time ago. Someone needs to step up and be a leader and take this over, shut it down and decided the winners. I'm also the founder of a group and if I was away that is what I'd want done. I'm glad there was at least one judge who stepped up and said something about the contest, unfortunately that judge has taken all the flak. I think it would be reasonable to finish this. It would be reasonable to say that *drop-asd has forfeited her position in this contest by her absence.
alx234 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Um, It's february now. It's almost march. Is this contest closed or what? I'd almost rather it'd be closed then to keep having like.... silence. Tons of people entered, I know. me and my partner were only two of the people who spent tons of time on our entries,back and forthing ideas. Maybe they should all just be granted a point/llama or something for condolences. :c sorry to hear drop-asd is away in all, but this is getting just..sad.
Exillior Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm replying on behalf of the other contributors in the group. The contest was organised by *drop-asd, the Founder of the group... Unfortunately she hasn't been on dA since last year. I haven't heard anything from her. I am not a judge myself and have not been involved in the contest, so I'm afraid I know no more than this.
alx234 Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
yes, i know. i wish the contest would just be closed. It seems like no one really has any information or is willing to spear-head the contest and finish.. i read somewhere in the comments below the other judges have preferences but are just waiting for drop-asd. Which has been along time and i don't expect that to change. I believe i speak for alot of people when i say it's frustrating at the very least, and that we all hope drop-asd will come back and is okay. Thanks for your change please reply if there's any new information.
Exillior Featured By Owner May 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been involved in a situation like this in another contest where I was a judge, and we brought forth the results (the organiser had deactivated). I think this may reflect how huge a part *drop-asd played here that nobody else is able to step in knowledgeably and do her part. :shrug: I wish I could help, but the reason I didn't help with the contest in the first place was because I was too busy to even breathe in peace... which hasn't changed, unfortunately. I hope the contest gets resolved.
(1 Reply)
LaSignoraDeiGhiacci Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011

Hi! I'm one of the judges :aww:
I think that =drop-asd has had some problems, 'cause I haven't seen her on dA for a while...I don't know her so much, so it's only my hypotesis.

I think that all the judges have already expressed their preferences, but we must wait for =drop-asd, 'cause she's a judge too and she's the only one who can organize and combine the decisions of the two juries :aww:

I think she has some important reasons not to be here on dA now. So we all must be patient and wait for her coming back, hoping that her problems are not bad and serious things :(

I hope you can understand the situation and that you can excuse the delay.
Ilman-Lintu Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011   Traditional Artist
perhaps there's already sence to state the date when the results will be declared no matter what? too much time has passed after all the deadlines in fact... :(
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