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Digitium Axiom


3D Artwork (stereoscopic is not accepted) that was created using a 3D program or Suite* These include but, are not limited to; Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender, ZBrush, Modo, CAD...etc.

"Mostly" completed work (use your judgment over 70+% finished);
If your displaying a model to show your modeling, I wouldn't expect you to have it textured, lit...etc.

That being said; Don't submit a picture of a car when there's just a half finished tire.

-NOT Accepted-

Artwork that is erotic, depicts sex, sexual acts or is deemed "overtly sexual" in nature will not be allowed.

++Nudity IS allowed as long as it's NOT erotic and strictly for artistic purposes++

The group reserves the right to reject any works that are deemed "erotic" and "overtly sexual".

Works depicting; Drug use, reference or activity are NOT allowed.

Artwork done using game engine(s) are not allowed (Screenshots, mods, in-game characters are not allowed as well) . This violates the first rule and will not be accepted.

Gallery Folders

Zhinja and Talia (version 2) by wajakla

Mature Content

Lin #02 by destri
Light sucking wasp by Tabanos
Warrior's Revenge by ThePointyman
A Ghost Team by DarkGeometryArt
A Ghost by DarkGeometryArt
EVE Bust 01 by Texelion
Upgrade anxiety by hawo0524
WipDemon by FirstKeeper
Visionary by justsantiago
Kimi and Jade Facial expressions by Keiaqua
Vieille Dame et son chat by Keiaqua
4h50 Morning by smallalex
Richard Parker by abdelrahman
Autobot Rusty Gravity Room by MilosCreativeArt
Madrigal by RIKENZ15
Sinking Lands by SecondSolaire

Mature Content

PELLUCIDAR Cavegirl by Iggybutz
Michita Warrior by elmisa
Tiandraa 02 by mylochka
The Proposal by merage
Squad by patryk-garrett
Genozyte-013 by TOMATOZZ by tomatozz
Hexapod by benskywalking
Air Land Sea Vehicles
GMC Sierra Crew Cab by TheImNobody
My batmobile by aconnoll
Lamborghini Reventon Front - NS White by Ajaxial
Mystery Machine [breakdown] by BringMeASunkist
Building Arch
Neo-Islamic design by kasrawy
M-Tower Office building by kasrawy
PROJECT INTERIOR : Harmony by thekanonkagami
Interior interior by crux-art
WiP Continuous
Remington Marine Shotgun WIP by IconDevco
Aborigine WIP by Hamtoilet
Creature wip by Primal-CH
WIP: Tiara01 by kobaltkween
Prop Asset
Autumn Fairy House by cosmosue
Breitling by AirJ21
Valkyrie Great sword by 0SkyerS0
SkullHelmet by zorares
Selective by abdelrahman
QCF-C009 by bearsign
New Logo
Digitium logo (revision) by bboyid
Prop Asset 2
Free Arbor Bench Download by LuxXeon
Character 2
Fire Emblem Awakening - Lucina by TheStoff


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Hey Everyone,

We've been long overdue for an update regarding the group and the everyday going on's. First I wanted to again apologize, I've just been busy with personal stuff and work. Literally, never a dull moment.

Secondly, I wanted to let everyone know I'm going to be gone for a few months. Moving forward in my career and the new opportunity will require me to move around a bit. I wanted to let everyone know I have not abandoned the group nor have any plans to. In light of this new move on my end, I postponed any major plans or changes until I can dedicate my full time and resources into launching everything that has been put into place. I don't have any specific timeline at this current point in time other than I will be leaving the 24th of this month. If any of you have any concerns or questions feel free to drop me a line.
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This is my opinion. 
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