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Sleep paralysis


Sleep paralysis is the inability to move or speak immediately after waking up. It happens when a person wakes up before REM sleep is finished.

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Thank you for looking and Happy Equinox!
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Thank you Akasha!
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Beautiful artworkHeart 
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Thank you, dear Petronella! Pixel Rose 
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Thanks a lot Lori!
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It is truly my pleasure! :)
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Thanks darling!Nuu 
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Great work! I'm happy to see something a little different from you but that still keeps your style 100%, excellent aesthetics and theme. As someone who lived with a person suffering from sleep paralysis, this quite hits home. :)
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Wow, I see, this is quite a common problem probably, I realised that If I tell myself I can fly - sometimes it works! Thanks, Roger, I like the esthetic approach as you call it here too. ;) (Wink) 
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:D Yeah I heard the same from my partner at the time, she managed to sometimes take control over it, but for the most part it remained very scary. I can only say, I was glad it wasn't happening to me. :s
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Looks like a nightmare in a dream, very dark and disturbing atmosphere!! Impressive work^.^
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Thank you so very much! ^^
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You're most welcome!!
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This is enchanting, excellent job :clap:
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Thank you dear Francesca!!!Heart 
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Ooh I had sleep paralysis once and it was very scary experience. I could hear everything around me, and I could still see part of my dream where someone is chasing me :D It was scary that I could not wake up or move at all. Then after a little bit I was able to move and my god I was scared to go sleep again... 

I love how you did this piece. The models pose is awesome and love the elements you add around her. I could feel the pressure on her and that she is experiencing sleep paralysis.

Very interesting concept and you excecuted it amazingly dear Jan! :heart:
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Yeah, Roosa, sleep paralysis can be so scary, I had few times in my life too, it happens especially to the people with fever ... Remember you can always tell yourself that you can fly and it works :fly: 
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Amazing work! :clap:
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Thank you Alia!Heart 
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Thank you, Arthur!
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