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Wedgie Karma

Looks like this bully underestimated the power of family! Don't go after a nerd unless you can take on her older sister...
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Nathanielpm1's avatar

Serves her right !

I would LOVE to see what happened before this comic.

Examplefds's avatar

Her only hope is that she bounces up and down to make her panties rip. That's gonna hurt even worse!

NikkiGlaze's avatar

This is adorable work!

I absolutely love your work I would like to commission

thisistheaccount's avatar

The only one who gets to wedgie my little sister is me lol

Purplepanties23's avatar

would have done some spankings with it

sleepallof2day's avatar

I especially like the finishing touches on the atomic there

BanaramAN's avatar
Unfortunately for little sister snitches tend to get stitches.
georg155's avatar

Nice to see that I am not the only one to apriciate Wedgie Karma.:love:

Hope the bully learned her lesseon.:D

Maybe she now even confesses her real feelings she has towards the nerdy girl;)

gustavodurao's avatar
Real... Feelings?
georg155's avatar


Maybe there is a bit more behind the acts of bullying.

Maybe an interest that can only be expressed through these means;)

gustavodurao's avatar

... Or she's just a bully cuz she likes messing with "dorks"

georg155's avatar

I'd like to think there is more than just "bullying";)

gustavodurao's avatar
I kinda doubt that.
IamINCIPIA's avatar
What a wonderful older sister! She's lucky to have her on her side, contrary to most wedgie relationships! Great art!
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