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Looks like whoever bound and wedgied this poor jogger wanted her to stay like that for a while... Even giving onlookers advice on how to handle the situation.
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Your art is so cute! I wonder how much people commission for custom pieces. I want to put fan art on my page lol. I want to do this irl 😩

Hmmm... what an unusual situatio! I love your art!

I wish someone would do this to me ): I deserve it

You deserve worse

What did you do?

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Maybe if onlookers spanked that ass enough the writing would fade away, and then they could help her.

someone do this to me

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Me: Hmm... I know!

gropes left butt cheek while 'accidentally' wiping off the word don't

Me: What's this? Help you? Don't mind if I do.

Looks like violent sexy who I want

Great image!!! Would be made even better with some spanks!
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"Don't help me + spank me" would have been even better!

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imagine seeing this what would you do

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Gotta love the missing shoes too. "Well, you'll be here a while, so you won't be needing these! Have fun dork."

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Well, I hope that she at least deserved her current situation;)

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