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*Dusts off things and knocks down webs*'s been a crazy here...well, in my life. *knocks down more webs*
I haven't been drawing as much as I should. I have taken some photos of things, but I have a new laptop that has Windows 10 that hates the old art programs I used, so down the line I will have to get more updated software. Maybe I can get some new stuff up soon, who knows.
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hbrika Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017

 I rarely post anymore which is a shame as I actually do draw from time to time now. I did Inktober on Facebook but that was using a phone app.

Work blocked the site back in January which made it a lot harder to keep up. When I logged in I had over 6,500 images to look at. Gah.

My laptop got ruined by the “good” cat, long story.

So scanning and posting art is problematic but I can figure out a way I am sure.


I’d love to see your stuff!

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