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It's been awhile, no? I had a lot of personal issues going on, but I'm still here. I have been drawing...but I have no scanner at the moment. Anyhow, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and maybe I can get some things uploaded before 2015 is over.
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So I finally got off my butt to do some uploading. I still have some Panama City photos to upload. I don't know when I'll have those up, but I will get them up sooner or later. I've been in the mood to work on 3D art again, so I may have something up soon (if it's decent enough). I plan on getting back into drawing again...though I don't know if I'll upload those. Sometimes I'm happy with my drawings and sometimes I'm not. So I'll see how that turns out.
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I'm going through my gallery and cleaning out old photos again. I'll be slowly uploading stuff again. I just been either too busy, too lazy, or just too sick to do much of anything lately. 2012 has been kinda a bleh year for me so far. So yeah...I will have more stuff uploaded before the year is over.
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As I mention, I do have a lot of photos to upload, but I dunno...I'm trying to figure out what my gallery will be now. I used to do digital art, but I haven't worked in any of those programs forever. I think I have Poser 8 or 9 (can't remember) on a CD. I haven't used it on this computer because it slowed it down, but in a couple of months or in the middle of summer, I might be getting a new desktop.  I do make a shitload of banners for my forums, but the problem with that it's official art of game characters. I see tons of people upload screenshot from games and character art, which is against the rules (or it used to be); however, DA doesn't seem to care, but with my luck, they'll see me do it and ban me. :\

So yeah, right now I'm just trying to figure out what to do with my gallery. I'll submit something sooner or later. I just want to submit better photos and in the future, better drawings (I haven't drawn in ages) and digital art.
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Well, I been living in CA for about three months now. I'm no longer a Georgian (well, I will always have Georgian in me of course). I'm still trying to get used to things here. It's much more fast paced here than where I used to live it...and there's people everywhere! Ah well, at least I'm not in the middle of nowhere and I can walk to stores and bus stops.

Anyhoo, I remembered cleaning my DA page up some a few months ago - deleting old stuff. Now I need to remember what I was going to upload. I know some drawings and some photos, but since I moved, I didn't have the internet until a few weeks yeah, I lost track on what I'm suppose to upload.

Well, in a month, I will try to get newer things uploaded...maybe sooner. Until then, have a Happy New Year, everyone!
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A year ago, I bought my own domain again, and slowly moved and updated my websites on to it. I now have everything online (even though some still need work to it).

I have four links that will take you to my other sites. Bloodstone Society (BloodRayne fan site), Zoness City (once named Corneria HQ; Star Fox related), Queen of OutWorld (Mortal Kombat), and Killer Instinct HQ. You'll see a link to the Brain Dead Circle as well (message board to all the games I like).
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and it hasn't even really started! I just wanted to let everyone Im' still around and I have a lot of drawings to sumbit. Not to mention some pictures from CA, Panama City, and GA.

In other news I will be going to Fanimecon again this year. I will be cosplaying as Mighty Max again, and I'm thinking I'll might be Heather from Silent Hill 3 as well.
My Shadow Queen/Possessed Peach and Mighty Max costumes were a hit; however, while I was always being stop to pose for a pic as Shadow Queen, I only found one picture of me so far. Not that I care, it's just weird. Me as Mighty Max didn't get a lot of pictures taken, but a lot of people were happy to see Mighty Max. My boyfriend, Todd, switch between Ellis and Nick from Left 4 Dead 2.

I'm thinking about posting up Fanime pics. Will I post some of myself? I dunno. I might make people go blind. ;p
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After getting a bad virus from here on DA ad (yes, it was from the ads, I'm not the only one one had the virus) it seriously pissed me off. I was unsure if I ever return here...but after thinking a lot about it, I'm giving the place another chance. It's hard to just get up and leave something after five years of being here. Plus, I do need a place to post artwork. I'm at FA again, but it feels odd posting digital work and photos to a place that's meant for furries and furry art.

Anyways, I'm back here again. Hopefully no viruses are still hiding in ads. Now to catch up on comments and artwork.
I'm not dead, in fact I have been drawing and coloring stuff lately. Most stuff will go into scraps since it's nothing interesting, and the other stuff is actual photos, and there might be a colored drawing. Be on the lookout for these in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I dressed up in black and white, and I had my faced painted like Joker from the Dark Knight. ;p
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Hello to all! Now do a barrel roll! Erm...
I know it's been forever since I update with anything. I have been working on some coloring, but I don't know when I'll have that peice up. I have been working a lot, and in three days, I'll be going to CA to see my boyfriend. We will also be going to the Fanime Con on the 23rd (should be an interesting birthday). I'll be going as Kya from Dark Lineage, so this should be fun.

If anyone (random strangers reading this) is going to the Fanime con, drop me a line. I know that'll be a lot of blue hair women walking around, but I'll have Captain Falcon by my side. ;p
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I just wanted wish my buddies at DA a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, and I wish everyone a happy new year. I'm 'bout ready for 2008, myself.
I'm turned 23 today, whee!

Yeah, that's all I gotta say for now. Nothing clever, and no new artwork...yet.
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A Happy New Year to you all. Meh, I want some Oreos. Erm, anyways, I haven't been working on anything lately because I'm lazy and been playing around stuff that I got for Christmas.

Yeah, so...oh, for everyone who made comments/favs for my artwork, thank you.
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Though I never really left, just didn't upload any new art, but that's about to change. FA decided to allow cub porn on their site, and I'm not going to be any part of a site that does that. I know furries are not real, but it's still wrong to me. So yeah, I'm going to be uploading art here again, until there's a better place to go to.
I turned 22 today. Whee.

In other news...I don't think I'll be uploading art here anymore. I signed up for Fur Affinity about a couple of months ago, and I like it there better than I do here. And Despite the name, you don't have be an anthro artist to upload art there (otherwise, I wouldn't have signed up). If anyone has a FA account, I'm DarkOrchid on there.

Anyhoo, whether I decided to submit art here anymore or not, I'm still going be here to give comments.
May the year be kind to you all. Happy New Year!
Well, I haven't wrote anything here for awhile, so I'll write about some new games I've been playing lately.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Easy, short, and sweet. I like the music and storyline. If Disney is going to make a movie of this, I think it'll actually be good. Here's hoping.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Okay, I haven't gotten far into this game, and I'm already getting my ass kicked. Besides that, so far it's good. I like the music...but "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack doesn't fit into the game; Scorpion King theme song. I hear that song, and I'm expecting to see a shirtless Mathayus with his chick running around, shooting arrows at people. The Prince deserves a theme rock song of his own. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! >:{

Any...ways...erm, I also got Kya: Dark Lineage. I'm about to put Warrior Within on hold, and play Kya.
Things came up at home, so I won't be on as much. And now since I am on here, I'm getting "Page cannot be found" on. Fucking annoying when you're trying to upload something or check out someone's artwork. It's not my computer either. This has been going a good while now. DA get your act straight.

Edit: Duuude, this entry made it through. Bravo DA, bravo.
Wheeee, I turned 21 today! I feel so wise. :)