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It's been a year since the last time I've talked to any other admin of this group, so it's now official: the group is, unfortunately, dead. Two admin votes are necessary to accept art suggestions to our "featured" folder, and as much as I'd like to accept the suggestions I'm sent or add new art to the group's gallery, I just can't.

So, well, feel free to browse the galleries (we still have a lot of awesome artworks here), but unfortunately all new submissions to the "featured" folder will expire...
Wonderful gallery..
So i cant submit my works, only other artist works? wats a point 
Hello! It seems all higher-ranking admins are on vacation, so I'll answer in their stead, if you don't mind.

First of all, the point of this group is to feature under-exposed artists. That means other people, and also you, if your works fits our criteria (less than 500 faves, less than 100 groups, and a subjective criterion of quality). It's not one of these groups where artists just dump their art, unwatch the group, and hope to gain new followers: most people who are here are also interested in discovering new artists.

At the moment, many submissions expired, due to the fact that everyone but me is on vacation. Since we need two votes in order to accept suggestions to the "favourites" gallery, you see how that can be a problem... but our "artists in evolution" folder only needs one vote, so you can send your work there, and it should be accepted.
Thanks a lot for the Request !