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fables - pinocchio

By digitalrich
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fables poster with our little buddy pinocchio - i know in the story he suppose ot be a young kid

but lets be honest! in the real world he would be a misrable little drunk
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And plus Pinnochio would look better if a child played his part. I mean when you first see him in Fables, he looks like a child because his wish stuck him in a child like form and he was nothing sort of pissed about it.
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Sucks that this never got made into a movie or a TV series
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There's going to be a videogame, so at least it's getting SOME recognition.
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Yes but it's only on Xbox Live
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Yeah I know I've played it or least the first episode
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Peter Dinklage FTW!!!!
After Tyrion Lannister, this could be his 2nd best role!!!
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Yay, Peter Dinklage! :D I love that guy!
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I like your rendition; even in the comic most drawings of his face look nothing like that of a child's. I think you captured it well.
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LOVE IT, So are you doing a Boy Blue?
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i didn't think anyone's head could be that squared-off in real life--you did an AMAZING job adapting the drawn character to a live one.
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i had to big his head larger

and it seems better if he was a misrable shirt guy then a young looking kid

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Oh yes, that's just right! Awesome!
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The Man fits perfectly in the role of pinoccio!
Great picture
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