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fable - snow white

By digitalrich
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another poster

this time snow white so i thought zooey deschanel would be a great choice

more to come
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edwardluvsbellaHobbyist Writer
Any chance that you'll continue your fables cover series? fables is on my top fave comics aside from Sandman... this is really great!:iconlachoirplz:
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hopefully a new poster in 2018....will keep u posted ;)
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edwardluvsbellaHobbyist Writer
sounds good bear : balloon by TamagotchiNinja
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is this from fables legends in exile ?
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it is based on the fables comic series
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TheBeautifulFearStudent General Artist
Jennifer Connolly - when she was a little younger - would have been pretty awesome too :)
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Great posters!
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HisWeskernessProfessional Digital Artist
yeah she'd make a good Snow White
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Hmm, I was thinking at first theres no way Zooey Deschanel would be good as Snow (as much as I like Deschanel), you however have managed to convince me otherwise. Cheers.
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CactusPrincessStudent Digital Artist
favorite actor and favorite comic combined.
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back before I realized what a horrible actor she is and ho overrated she is in general, I used to think she was a good choice too. but.. no. Rebecca Hall FTW!
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So perfect for Snow!
TheNewDorothyGale's avatar
So not... she can't act her way out of a paper bag!
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Even though I think maybe Snow's would-be actress could have a oval-shaped face, Zooey D. actually does not look that bad of a choice :)
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love all of these
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MuZzlingStudent Digital Artist
Oh. My. God. She's perfect.
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Hmm, she looks just a little too young I think, like a teenager. An adult would fit more.
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she's 30

and snow white is suppose to look young
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I know, but she shouldn't look so much younger than Bigby. Just saying.
digitalrich's avatar
bigby is the big bad wolf...he should look rough and bad

hence looking older and more rough
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not zooey deschanel, she's way to innocent. and way too young.
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