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fable - Bigby wolf

By digitalrich
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started a series of poster of each leading character from the comic book series 'Fables'

for this i'v done bigby wolf with his signature smoke

played by jefferey dean morgan

more to come :)
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Cosmic--ChaosHobbyist General Artist
Great casting choice and work with rendering this :D
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Pretty sweet. If a studio was to obtain license to make a movie, they should have it set sometime during the founding of Fabletown. Central conflict would be Fables refusing to adapt to the secret life, or the founding of the Farm even.
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You should do Boy Blue next
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westgeminiHobbyist Artist
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TheLastIronManHobbyist Writer
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xX-Tabataba-XxHobbyist General Artist
Wow I thought that was RDJ. My bad! XD Nice job!
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Andy-ButnariuProfessional General Artist
YES ! this now :)))
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TheLastIronManHobbyist Writer
YES.  Perfect fit.
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Perfect choice for Bigby!
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MCorbran23Student General Artist
Awesome choice! Love this actor! If only this was real..
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theblackrobinStudent Artisan Crafter
i would rather choose hugh jackman 
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AntlerQueenHobbyist General Artist
Because of Wolverine?
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AngelBlestHobbyist General Artist
Awesome !!!!!
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AmalgamImage0Hobbyist Artist
Awesome choice
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TheBeautifulFearStudent General Artist
Ooooo! Good choice! I love jefferey dean morgan - I'm sure he'd do great :)
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VegetarianGoatHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd never considered this casting, but it's really really good. The guy i always had in mind is Thorsten Kaye- not only does he look the part, but he's got a really gruff, gravelly voice that would go well- you should google him sometime. :)
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Who's this Jefferey Dean Morgan dude?
digitalrich's avatar
the comedian from watchmen
city-smith's avatar
Oh. He looks hotter here.
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I could really see him as Bigby, another person who I feel could do it would be either Hugh Jackman or Dylan Mcdermott, but thats just my opinion.
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theDORKelf General Artist
i love this, would you mind if i made my own versions as well?
:) different actors and styling of course.
digitalrich's avatar
crack on!! send me links when done
theDORKelf's avatar
theDORKelf General Artist
hahaa awesome, will do.
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