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Ryuk Scratchboard

Ryuk from Death Note done on scratch board, 8''x10''

Click [link] for my Death Note Gallery.

These clubs can use if they want:
:icondeathnotefan: :icondeathnotez: :iconlifenoteclub: :icondeathnotefansclub:
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That is sooo cool!
GanbareYo's avatar
redchicken888's avatar
One day I gotta try this out. :D Nice work.
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greAT WOrk I lOVe tHE shADinG
Kawaiichan95's avatar
I would be scared of him if I don't remember all the silly moments I've seen in the anime with him. XD

By the way he's glancing slightly to the side, I can just imagine him being like, 'Did someone say apples?' lol
Kazuo-lawliet's avatar
omg i love this!! Ryuk was my favorite
excesswatermelon's avatar
wowwwwwwwww great job!
NeonLunafish's avatar
DUUUUDE! Awesome!! :D Love this!
xXvocaloidLOVEXx's avatar
woah! that is amazing!!!! I suck at drawing Ryuk...
Silgan's avatar
That is really good! Just wow! The details are fantastic! You got his face perfect!

mad4icecream's avatar
that... is.... SO FREAKING GEAR!!!!!!!!
ulquischiffercifer's avatar
you really matched his personality and his look. It´s looks really amazing, i like your technic^^
Rodmansvisuals's avatar
Perfect subject for scratching and a cool angle to boot.
ToRmEnTtHeFaLlEn's avatar
hahah love it its so epic you cant help but love ryuk :3
Kashmoni's avatar
is it normal to be in love with a shinigami?
m-MarchHare-e's avatar
very good really. i love ryuk
KingdomHearts8's avatar
That's terrifying, but so awesome! ^^
NeoKal's avatar
The lights just went out when I clicked on the image...
MoonyHellWolf's avatar
LuziAmu's avatar
It's scary and amazing<3!
RoarRebecca's avatar
fml. how did you accomplish this? im blown away. FANTASTIC (Y) :) <3
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