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L x Light -Death Note meme-

L X Light Death Note~
This meme was obviously not made for this, but I thought it'd be cute. This is my first one! It was really fun and I stayed up until 5am working on it! Now my hand hurts!

Here's the original blank HERE


EDIT!!! In thanks to all your loving comments and favs, making this my most popular piece, I have made something more "finished" looking for you all.... hope you enjoy!

>>>>>>>>> [link] <<<<<<<<<<


Click [link] for my Death Note Gallery.
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Although I don’t ship those two, this is still really funny and cute.


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Oh my God!
Number 12!
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Number 12 had me howling with laughter. Freaking awesome, and lovely sketches.
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« the safely words are 'I'm kira'»
HAHAHAHAHAHA you almost made me suffocate! I laught sooo much >w<
Poor Light ! *she's saying that but she still have this nasty smile on her face ... *
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Nr 12 and 14 made my day xD
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Really crazy and funny!!! XD I LOVE IT!!!! <3 <3 <3
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Number 12 so funny!
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Bootiful! I love this!
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Number twelve had me laughing XD
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Oh god.. THEY'RE HOT *faint*
Never knew L like SM...
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OMF.. The peach song. XD
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Number 10 is awesome 😁
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Number 12 made my day. :happybounce:
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Kira says what? xD

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HEY L! I FOUND KIRA! *no response* Oh right, he's dead... I shall AVENGE YOUR DEATH THEN! *makes a head shot*
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DX JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL! now stay on the floor bitch t-.-
use death eraser
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