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He's a man... We wrestled

L and Light from the anime/manga Death Note.
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Cop: "Was this some sort of... sick sex thing?"

Barton Fink: "SEX!? He's a MAN! We WRESTLED!"

Cop: "You're a sick fuck, Fink."

-from the movie Barton Fink, by the Coen Brothers.

and how the hell did THIS inspire THIS? ... iunno.


This is my thanks for all the love I got for my LxLight meme ( [link] )

I'm not so good at awkward positions so I require uber pose reference... but hours of frustration make this possible.

Thank you all from the DN fan clubs for making my meme break 1,000 views in just 2 days.

Click [link] for my Death Note Gallery.


>> :iconpunkgrl5: has permission to use in a this collage [link] <<
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SpookyyNoodles's avatar
Thats the first sincere smile ive seen from light
Chara04RBLX's avatar
ObiRinForever's avatar
Light has such a lovely smile.

Awesome pic'. <3
Sopmonkey's avatar
I am so obsessed with this Nosebleed 
travelie's avatar
what a nice smile.
xakana's avatar
LOL! that's great!
koheir's avatar
OMG! *noseblood*
SilverCheek's avatar
aww he's smiling!
AmbiguouslyAwesome1's avatar
Love his fucking hair though.
TheLazyRulee's avatar
makes sense, light's last name backwards is Imagay (Im|a|gay) so yeah... makes sense
maggie-25's avatar
"Im a Gay" or "I Am gay" . easy :3
redchicken888's avatar
Yagami...Imagay...Im a gay...ERHMAGERSH DIS WERKS!
Queen-of-Nonsense's avatar
Oh jesus... this is seriously really gorgeous... and I'm not saying that because they're both naked.
XxEternal-DarknessxX's avatar
Ryuzaki you sexy motherfucker. xDD
moogieboogie's avatar
nom nom nom nom !! they r both hot
D-r-a-w-e-r's avatar
Omg holy *** that's extremely hot !!
askL-lawlietnow's avatar
Howdid they know about that how did they find out?
HeathJOKERleadger's avatar
Can you prove that you are the real L Lawleit?
askL-lawlietnow's avatar
im sorry but that imformation is top secret and you are not alowd to give L's?my real name in rick for my safty but yes i am L
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