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Little viking and his dog

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A little viking with his dog I did in 3D based on the description of Vulgar viking's tales for kids.
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'2' CUTE and WELL done!!
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awesome lighting and texture! love the character design too.

i'm new to deviant community

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fantastic character and design - the face reminds me of the style being used for the new Pixar film "Brave". so Bravo - quality work!
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:) thanks! Well design is almost from the client. He wanted some kind of 3d from a 2d character. If you look on google for Vulgar the viking you will find the book.
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Its an incredible piece of work especially the textures :) can I just ask what you used to make this? and if you'd consider using SSS shader? it would really give viking boy more depth make him look fleshy
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Yes I used mentalray sss. It could be more strong if I put a light and work with the parameters. It could give more depth sensation,,,
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Ah thats cool. Still looks good to me though man, submitted it to any magazines n such yet?
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I didn't since is a work for some other I don't know if I can show it in other places. Maybe in a few days I can do a making of and I will show it where I want. So follow the blog where I can update more often. I will try to post here the news also.

Thanks for comment!
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haha will do mate :)
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Sorry for delay in answer. Too much work! Yes I used a mentalray sss material. I manage its parameters and configuration with painted maps. Yes maybe I could haver used a strong light behind so he would scatter more light and give more depth. Thanks!
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Beautiful work! I love you!
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