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Microsoft ZUNE PSD

Full psd file of the Microsoft ZUNE.
Display is half the size as the regular file.

Make a wallpaper with it?!?!
Make a fancy advert with it?!?!?!
Use it to display a ZUNE wallpaper.
Dont use it all?!?!?
Study the layers and make your own?!?!?
Just sit and stare at its magnificent beauty?!?! get the idea....its something with it.

Reference picture [link]

As you can see its not the same as this pic...But I own a ZUNE and this pic is not accurate either...So I changed it up a bit.

Both Zunes are the same with only the change of the wallpaper. Each Zune is 26 Layers. Very Detailed.

And if you use it...please let me now so I can see it and give credit in your description.

Thank you.
DP Studios

Zune and its logo, the Microsoft name and its logo are all protected under some kinda copyright law...
so in other words...don't download this and try to make money from it...Bill will get super pissed. :lol:
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It's 2016 now, and this DV is so sad now... ;__;
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Used here: [link]
Thank you so much for the stock :rose:.
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Great Job!! I know it's not easy in PS, unless your a jedi!! ;D
Do you have a link to the wallpaper on the Zune's?
Great Photoshop work. As a photographer who is looking to get into design I'm curious why an art director would choose to go with a digital creation of a product rather than a photograph of the product?
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Oldie but goody
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ZUUUNE!!! :love: I like it :) I shall take it for a wallpaper thanks :D
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Best item for me for learning purpose.
keep up the good job.
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May i use this in a zune 4.2 theme im currently working on please ? Obviously i will give full credit to you for your design :D
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Absolutly. And thank you for the credits I really appreciate it.
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Nice work!

It is not really correct to say that a PSD image converted to TIFF is flattened (without layers), as you do in the footer of your preview image above. Since about 10 years the TIFF file format can also be layered (using Photoshop or similar) and contain nearly everything that a PSD file may contain. The file format has been extended by Adobe to be nearly the same as PSD. ;-)
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Sorry for the doublepost, there was a server error on DeviantArt and the first post below didn't show up so i tried it again later only to see that the first try was already successful …

Please delete it … :-)
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