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Make a Sunburst brush

*The1Blur asked for it is.


You will need a flash player to view this video... please click here to download if you cannot see the video [link]
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Thanks very much for the tutorial. It's so easy!
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Egg-cellent. Grazie, sir.
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Wow, I didn't know it could be that simple.

. 3 .

I just have one question though, sorry for asking;

on the custom shapes tool, after you have made the size thing to "10" by "300" and click it onto the document, how did you get that rectangular bar? I tried looking for it and it didn't work. (I have PS7, btw.)

Sorry for bothering you, great tutorial!
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It was very helpful.
Thanks =)
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whuhu, thanks ! :D
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Your very welcome :)
h1t3k3d's avatar
sweetness, I've been looking how to make a sunburst because I have ps7 so this just saved me from looking up different tutorials plus now I know how to make a pattern xD
DigitalPhenom's avatar
your very welcome :D glad it helped :dohtwo::horns:
awsomee tut bro..:)

i luvv it..

thx 4 sharing..:D
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oh yes, this will come in handy. thanks steve :)
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Your very welcome my friend. :D
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woah ... have you got like a zillion brushes? And did you makle all of them?
DigitalPhenom's avatar
no...I have only made 20 or so brush sets....the rest are downloads :D
kikitue's avatar

as in more than one brush?

and how do you make swirly ones?

kikitue xx
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yes a set of what you seen in the tutorial....I have some in my RESOURCES folder for free download. And im not sure...I havent made any like would need a vector based program for starts like Adobe Illustrator.
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I was kinda refering to the brushes you must have used in the beautiful virus ... it was TOO beautiful and so I want to know where you got those brushes (the swirly ones that are sort of in the back ground but at the same time look like a watermark) from and if it's possible for a commoner like me to make some cause it looks interesting.

kikitue xx
DigitalPhenom's avatar
oh they are from around deviant on your browse button at the top....on the left side you will see a link named that and a drop down box will on resources, then application resources, then photoshop that page loads....there is a sub search on the right...type in swirl brush and you will get tones of hits :)
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