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I Heart Design

I think most of us have seen this or there...and there are also some great examples of it here on dA. I just wanted one for my desktop that I BAM! hot damn! here ya go.

Pack includes

Enjoy. Thank you for your view.
DP Studios


Butterflies - [link]

The rest is personal stock.

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Do you have this without the butterfly/vector image in the middle? Let me know please and thanks : )
Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Bullet; White
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hey great work! I was wondering if I could use this for my assignment, im making a booklet with design quotes and this image would complement it well. i will give credits to you in my references. Is it ok?
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What a fun design :dance:
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Hi there!

Your wallpaper was featured at

Just sharing it. ^_^
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Thank you for letting me know...thats a pretty cool site there. Very nice selection of design WP's :D
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Keep a smile on :)

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I hadn't seen this before. It's gorgeous, Steve! :heart:
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This is beautiful :heart:
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Love it... great job! Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us!
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Thank you and your most welcome :D
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Wonderful, I really like it. I haven't seen the tutorial on how to make those. Do you know where I could find one? I want to give that a try sometime :)
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Thank you very much...I used a tut from another site and you can find it by searching 3d font or 3d typography....but I did a quick search on here and found a video of it -> [link] try that....its the same thing...I just added the 3d renders and flowers as extra. :)
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You Rock Steve!!
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Thank you very much!! :D
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very nice. Where can i get this tutorial?
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Thank you very much.

3D typographic effects in Photoshop

You must have xara 3D though to make the letters.
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Soooo Beautiful , I Love It +Fav .
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Thank you so much :)
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OH WOW !! Thats very nice !!!
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Thank you my friend!
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Dude this is badass!!!
Glad you are kinda back
keep the nice work man..

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Thank trying to get back into this :)
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Very very nice
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thank you very much :)
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