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Grunge Awareness Ribbon Shape

I made this custom shape for one of the breast cancer t shirts I was doing and decided to give it away. I hope this comes in handy for someone.

Its a grunge style ribbon. It does not have to be used for breast cancer, its a shape... therefor you can use it for whatever and color it how ever.

Dont know how to use or load shapes into photoshop??

Check this out right here [link]

I have pretty much given up hope on asking for a link back...because I know most of you wont...but if you could that would be sweet. I would appreciate it. It helps others find things and also its a nice gesture.

Thank you for your view and enjoy.

Steven Housden
DP Studios
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Thank you for making this. It has been so hard to find any ribbons other than breast cancer. It will work perfect for my Relay For Life team

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Thanks for making this! I need a bush to do Breast Cancer nail wraps for one of my friends who was recently diagnosed.
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Thank you for this!
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You're very welcome :)
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Thank you for the Shape! Used it Here
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Thank you for providing this!! I will be using it to make a thread layout for a Charity Thread on gaiaonline!
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Gorgeous. using them on some T-Shirts for SecondLife.
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Hi, I used your custom shape HERE :)
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Love the style of this! My step dad runs a snooker competition every year in aid of Breast Cancer, I'm currently trying to create a logo for it. I have an idea of having the ribbon form the body of the snooker player as he's taking a shot, not having luck at the moment lol. Well done on the design though!
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Used it here: [link]
Thanks for sharing! :)
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This has been featured here. Thank you for your inspirational piece. :heart:
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please can you make it into a ps brush
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I am about to go off of the site for a bit..see journal...but If you go into my gallery I have a video tutorial on how to make brushes. Its very easy, just follow my instructions and then you will have your brush and also know for future refrence how to make one. :D Im very sorry I cant help more right now. But you should be able to get it through the video :D
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this is great! am working in an oncology unit. hope i could use your design for our unit logo.. thanks!
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You're very welcome!
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I love this! I think it would be perfect for the group I run, which is for Self Infliction, where the ribbon colour is orange. If we ever get a super group I will be using this for some of the layout designs, for now I shall just favorite it! :D I will link back though, when it gets done ;)
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Awesome...glad it could help you :D
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I will link you if and when I use this; credit will be given everywhere used. :heart: Thank you!
Nice work! :) And a good cause too. :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much :)
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Wonderful resource and thank you for sharing!
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Your very welcome :)
Decided I wasn't done with the pic, here's a good link lol: [link]

Thanks again!
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aaww it wont let me see the image.
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