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May 14, 2009
Choose Hope by `DigitalPhenom tells us a wonderful and strong message together with a great concept: ''If you choose hope, anything is possible.''
Featured by Sander-Seto
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Choose Hope

14x22 Poster.
Making it available here also.

DP Studios
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hellz yeah choose hope!

i have friends who have suffered from and sufer from various forms of cancer.

but none of them ever sunk under. they all chose and choose hope and they sore over it. a close friend (male) has cancer not breast. but cancer. i was shocked to hear the other day that thereisn;t much "hope" for him. he's dieing its mearly a case of controlling it and makeing the long process easyer for him.

but not much hope? bull! he's still alive. he has the love and support of his familyand friends. he may be loosing his hair. he may be loosing his ability to controll his emotions.

but hope?

no. thats the one thing he will have always. in great supply.
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Simple but effective. And also a shame. Print this one out, girls!
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Typographically, It's not that great.
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Great design, and congrats on the DD!
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Eh, you're going to make me cry XP
My dad had cancer a few years ago.

And then tomorrow i'm going to be walking around a track all night for Relay for Life (cancer research) and i'm also running for Relay Queen.

Anyways, good job ^^
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Great thing you have done here, amazing that you let others know. It's truly an amazing thing, knowledge. It will hopefully save us all someday :pray:

:blowkiss: Congrads on DD! :w00t: :hug:
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Not bad, but there are some strange things happening here. For instance, I'm not sure why you chose to make the "E" in "year" white. The leading and kerning being so close together is creating some really strange counter-forms. I can see why you did it, but I think the breast would still be apparent enough without hurting the type legibility by squishing it together. Though I can agree with your decision to drop the punctuation off the quote, I don't feel like you needed to make the first letter lower case. It makes it seem like there's more to it than what's being displayed. Perhaps it doesn't even need to be displayed as a quote. This piece could also benefit from a grid structure just to solidify everything in place (it's so close already, the changes would only need to be minor). You're also working with four type families here, cut down on that for more unity.

All that said, great color palette, very appropriate. Solid concept. The organic forms of the ribbon and breast are creating a great play with the text which can be hard to pull off. Grats on the DD :D
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I'm so glad you brought the subject matter to view. I lost my aunt to breast cancer right around my birthday in September. (Ironically, I lost my grandfather literally a year before to cancer) But congradulations (sp?) and it is much deserved and don't let anyone tell you it isn't.
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Hmmm. Those numbers seem WAY low. Regardless, a cure for cancer will not be forthcoming unless there is money to be made from it - at least in the USA. Anything that shows true promise will be criticized and/or surpressed if it's not going to bring in major dollars to the cancer industry - which is EXACTLY what IT is. If a "cure" was found a week from next Tuesday
just contemplate the *billions* of $$ which would be lost every year in treating it. The system will NOT allow that, I assure you. And if you think that's just too "crazy" or "cynical", well then you've blindly lapped up all the crap you've been fed since grade school. As the husband of a surviving breast cancer victim (twice now) I, along with my wife, have done plenty of research during the past 15+ years. May I respectfully suggest that anyone who finds this too cynical or "diabolic" (well...actually it is) begin to research the subject in depth for themselves. You can begin with the bullshit organization called The "American Cancer Society".
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That's so frightening. And doesn't quite make sense.

After all, say a cure was created. The company could patent the cure for a certain number of years (and it's a considerable amount of time)and a generic could not be made. Then the cure-creating company would have a monopoly on a drug that would be in very high demand. The company could then charge essentially as high a price as they would want and make billions of dollars. And people or insurance companies would pay for it, because you really can't put a price on a life.

Shouldn't, then, it be very profitable to not only find a cure for cancer, but be the first company to do so?

Just a thought. Your theory is very troubling. I'm curious as to how it would play out.
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Well, insurance companies put "a price on a life" *every day* -- and, for that matter, so do we as a society in general. Personally I find it offensive (to say the least) that profit
even enters into the equation of how - or IF - a
person is treated and/or cured of a health problem, not to mention one involving life and death. If you think about it, it's not only sickening, it's pretty well outrageous. But people have basically been programmed to accept it just as a "fact" of life - one that only a "commie" or "socialist" would question.

Your theory is quite logical (save for the important fact that if a discovered curing substance/treatment is NON-PATENTABLE, the drug company(s) will almost certainly ignore and/or discredit it while they continue to search for something which >will< make money), except for you not taking into account the billions of lost dollars in cancer related treatments (and many thousands of jobs) which such a cure would
result in. Not to mention that large systems and institutions - and greed and the profit motive - do not always obey "logic" as we think of the term.

Their goal is NOT an all out *cure* for cancer (despite their propaganda) because the loss of an entire industry would be too great. Rather, the goal is to be able to make the disease one which is "maintainable" (like diabetes) but not curable (and to make people believe and accept that as the case). The money train would then keep on rolling without nearly as much loss as a complete cancer *cure* would involve. Nasty stuff alright. But most people would easily
(and understandably, if you're a cancer victim) "settle" for such a thing -- and the system knows it.
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That's just a really scary thought. I'm not saying it's untrue, but it's just, well, scary. If what you're saying is true, it seems that the American Cancer Society should be under investigation for fraud.

And yet it seems the same thing would apply to diabetes in that case, which is doesn't. Less than three months ago scientists began human trials on the new BCG vaccine, a "miracle drug" that quite simply cured type 1 diabetes in mice. According to news articles, if the trials are successful, the drug will be put on the market as a generic. [link]

This drug would eliminate the need for any other type of diabetes treatment, thereby decimating the industry. I've been following this for a while now since I'm close to some people whose lives are affected by type 1 diabetes.

If they can find this cure for diabetes, despite the fact that it may not make them as much money in the long run, why can't they do the same for cancer? It's frustrating at the least, and downright cruel if intentions are really that corrupted.
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so true man, so true
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Why is the "E" in YEAR a lighter pink?
Thank you very much for the message. Great work done by you
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this is fabulous! I love the colors you used, and the subtleness of the breast is way cool. :clap:
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Yea, it's a nice one, and for a good cause x)
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Creatively effective message!
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Congrats on the DD sweetie! :D Awesome! :D
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