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Gallery for Digital Painters
Favourite style of art: Digital Paintings
Operating System: Any
Personal Quote: Digital Paintings are as worthy as traditional paintings!



We are so proud to introduce you to the art of


Richard Spix

aka Rykk

Richard Spix is the master of surrealistic fractal compositions that has delighted the community at Renderosity for year and who has now come to DA for our own delight.

Rikk's compositions are exceptional in their creativity and their unbelievable beauty. And tell us about  those worlds where our dreams dwell and our fantasy expands to open the gates to heavely kingdoms.

His works remind the viewer of those psychodelic and surrealistic masterpieces from the progressive rock era by Roger Dean, Michael Dubois and Rick Griffin, but they take the viewer even deeper, into worlds where fractals create a reality that might or might not be what the viewer sees, or what the mind dreams.

But let's hear it from Rykk himself, these are excerpts from his interview at Renderosity when he was awarded artist of the month in May, 2005:

I first got into computer graphics way back in 1995-96. I started with a freeware fractal generator called "Winfract". I've done compositional fractal art on and off for brief periods since then. This period of making digital art started in Jan 2003 and has been my longest stint by far, owing mostly to the exposure and encouragement I've received here at Rendo.

I'm presently working on trying to create fractal images that would print well on canvas. Trying to use textures to give a painted look. In September, I am going to be showing my work in this year's DragonCon Art Show in Atlanta. It will be my first venture into that type of thing and I'm hoping to do well. I also want to start doing a booth at art shows in my general vicinity by this fall or next spring.

I have a few other ongoing projects that I work on when the inspiration hits. Some more scenes from Lord Of The Rings: Mordor, The Shire, The Pool of Ithlien, and The Ramparts of Osgiliath. I have to be in just the right mood to work on anything like that. Especially the Osgiliath scene because it has well over 200 layers so far (just one building is 90 layers) and images like that really tax your rig to its limits and the going is VERY slow waiting for any changes/additions to render.

I'm also working on using brighter colors for more traditionally "fractal" images such as the ones that one sees in the Fractal Universe Calendar. I use many earth tones in my work but one of my many areas for improvement is in the use and control of brighter, more saturated colorings.

I use a Dell 2.53GHz PC, with 1gb of RAM. For my images, I use Ultrafractal 3 and the freeware "flame fractal" generator, Apophysis 2.02c. Ultrafractal is my main tool because it offers the most versatility and control of colors and shapes of any of the available programs at this time. It has built into it many of the graphics editing tools and functions of high-end editors like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro so you can do everything from a single platform.
Actually, sizing and rotating of layers in UF is a lot easier than even Photoshop, and you can use the Apophysis plugin to export flames to UF and make layered compositions with them that can also include "straight" fractal layers, as well. The background of the flames can be made transparent merely by pulling a slider control, and UF is capable of most of the useful layer merging modes found in PS and PSP.

Enjoy Rykk's exibition:

Richard Spix: Fractal Surrealism at its best!

Aborigine by DigitalPainters Aborigine
Always and Forever by DigitalPainters Always and Forever
Animus Pompeii by DigitalPainters Animus Pompeii
Archipelago by DigitalPainters Archipelago
Bang a Gong by DigitalPainters Bang a Gong
Batuka by DigitalPainters Batuka
Brown Bag Kiwi by DigitalPainters Brown Bag Kiwi
Candlelight Sonata by DigitalPainters Candlelight Sonata
Cavern Diving by DigitalPainters Cavern Diving
Chili Peppers by DigitalPainters Chili Peppers
Chip 'n Dale by DigitalPainters Chip 'n Dale
Christmas Card 2004 by DigitalPainters Christmas Card 2004
Clash of Ideologies by DigitalPainters Clash of Ideologies
Cry, 'Havok' by DigitalPainters Cry, 'Havok'
Dark Shadows by DigitalPainters Dark Shadows
Easy Like Sunday Morning by DigitalPainters Easy Like Sunday Morning
Eleanor Rigby by DigitalPainters Eleanor Rigby
Flying in a Blue Dream by DigitalPainters Flying in a Blue Dream
Galadriel's Muse by DigitalPainters Galadriel's Muse
Gnarl-ffle the Garthag by DigitalPainters Gnarl-ffle the Garthag!
Hummingbirds by DigitalPainters Hummingbirds
Imagineer by DigitalPainters Imagineer
Incense and Peppermints by DigitalPainters Incense and Peppermints
Infinite Improbability Drive by DigitalPainters Infinite Improbability Drive
Moorings by DigitalPainters Moorings
Moria - A Fork in the Road by DigitalPainters Moria - A Fork in the Road
Not Quite Sonic by DigitalPainters Not Quite Sonic
Orb of Osiris by DigitalPainters Orb of Osiris
Pearl Handled Spiral by DigitalPainters Pearl Handled Spiral
Sigil of Horus by DigitalPainters Sigil of Horus
Silmarillion by DigitalPainters Silmarillion
Space Mountain by DigitalPainters Space Mountain
Still Life-  Pitcher o' 'Dads by DigitalPainters Still Life -  A Pitcher o' 'Dads
Thru a Glass Onion by DigitalPainters Thru a Glass Onion
Vogon Constructor by DigitalPainters Vogon Constructor
Wilde Paddestoelen by DigitalPainters Wilde Paddestoelen
Wrath of God - Eden Lost by DigitalPainters Wrath of God - Eden Lost

Rykk's Experimental Fractal Paintings

Armistice by DigitalPainters Armistice
Congolese by DigitalPainters Congolese
Creature From the Gnarl Lagoon by DigitalPainters Creature From the Gnarl Lagoon
Embrangle-4  The Cartographer by DigitalPainters Embrangle-4  The Cartographer
Growth Rings by DigitalPainters Growth Rings
Machinehead by DigitalPainters Machinehead
Maelstrom by DigitalPainters Maelstrom
Mayflies by DigitalPainters Mayflies
Melodia 3 by DigitalPainters Melodia 3
Melodia  4 by DigitalPainters Melodia - 4
Painted on a Plank by DigitalPainters Painted on a Plank
Stradivarius by DigitalPainters Stradivarius
Topkapi by DigitalPainters Topkapi
Wedgie by DigitalPainters Wedgie
Zzzzzzrrraaaa-Hah by DigitalPainters Zzzzzzrrraaaa-Hah!!



I want to make clear the point about contributing your art to this gallery.

Even though, as we say below, we´re open for everyone, and though we are not an elitist group or community, we are a gallery devoted to DIGITAL ART WORTHY TO BE PRINTED AND EXPOSED AS A TRUE PAINTING.

So, bearing this in mind, please do not submit any art that does not fulfill this requirement. We won´t write any rejection notes, they are unfair and discouraging. We won´t qualify your art, but if it doesn´t comply with our only requirement, it won´t be shown over here! So, if after a reasonable period of time you don´t see your art in this gallery, you may want to re-consider your concept. It might be digital alright, but it may not necessarily be a painting!


Digital art these days consists mainly of skinning, illustrations and 3D renderings. Even though many of them are high quality pieces of considerable artistic value, we do not think they are conceived to be printed and exposed as paintings.

Digital galleries throughout the net are showing true digital paintings, but they restrict their acceptance to the owner´s preferences or ideas :blahblah: about what should be called art :tears:.

:idea: We want to offer a showroom for the artist who respects his/her own art. If you regard your art as worthy of being printed and exposed in a gallery, museum or at any art lover´s wall, the doors are open here for you!

We do not restrict acceptance of art pieces to our concepts about art. Any kind of art expression is valid for us, as long as it has been made to be printed and exposed as a true painting.


If you want your art to be exposed in this gallery, please send us a mail :emailsend: with a low resolution jpg copy of your digital painting.

Preferable sizes should be smaller than 1200 pixels wide and/or length.

Please include :writersblock: the following information:

:bulletblue: Title of your digital painting.

:bulletblue: Your name and nick.

:bulletblue: A description of what you see or have expressed in your painting.

:bulletblue: Avalability of your painting:

:bulletred::bulletred:1) If it is available at :daprints:, include link.

:bulletred::bulletred: 2) If it is available at Zazzle, include link.

:bulletred::bulletred: 3) If it has been or will be printed by yourself (if applicable, specify actual printed size and how you should be contacted for price negotiations :buymyprints:).

:bulletred::bulletred: Any other, include links.


Even though we restrict our entries to art pieces that were conceived to be printed and exposed as paintings, and though we are open :hug: for every artist whose pieces meet this only requirement.

:bulletpurple: We are not another elitist club :yakuza: or an open for everyone community :community:. Both types exist already at DA and some of them are highly respected and succesful please, do not apply to us for membership!:please:.

:bulletpurple: We are not seeking to profit :money: on YOUR ART! It is YOU who has the right to do it!

:bulletpurple: We won´t call for contests, :trophy: tweakings, tournaments or any other competition.

:bulletpurple: We will not watch any artist or have any favourites!.

:bulletpurple: We will not comment on any artist´s art!

Nevertheless, we may invite worthy artists to show their work over here.:highfive:

We believe in your art, :cuddle: do you believe in it too?


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Fantastic gallery.
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great work !!

have you left us !?
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very nice !
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If it's called digital painters then why are there so many fractals here? =(

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Wow, i could add favs from here all day.

I feel so fractals suck lol
stampingqueen Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I had never heard of fractal art before coming to deviant art and even then I was not sure what it was, but this is stunning! I can't believe how beautiful the art is. Maybe someday when I get a little better with my photomanips I can try a hand at this. You have surely made me look at the shapes and textures around me in a totally new way. Thanks for the beautiful treats for my eyes.
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