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just in case of the art thieves, here ya go:

"Honestly, there isn't much meaning to the splendid names given to you by your parents. What does have meaning, is what the person behind that name does during their actual lifetime. The name doesn't make the person. The name simply remains gently within the footprint left on the path a person walks." - Koro Sensei
♥ Pokemon Ranger Survey ♥

Natsuya: Ben
Minami: Summer

1. Your current Ranger shipping/s obsession(s)?
KatexKeith, KatexKellyn and a few others

2. Favorite shipping/s involving Solana?
Lunick probably

3. Favorite shipping/s involving Lunick?
Solana probably

4. Favorite shipping/s involving Kellyn?

5. Favorite shipping/s involving Kate?
Kellyn or Keith 

6. Favorite shipping/s involving Keith?

7. Favorite shipping/s involving Natsuya?

8. Favorite shipping/s involving Minami?

9. Favorite Ranger hero?
IDK I sorta like them all ^^"

10. Guy x guy shippings you like?
Keith x Kellyn XD

11. Girl x girl shipping you like?
IDK, probably none

12. Any unnamed shippings you made?

13. Shipping/s you think should deserve more respect?

14. Shipping/s you were surprised to see others support?

15. Shipping/s you wish never existed?
Don't really know yet

16. A shipping you like that doesn't have a fanart/fanfic, and wish it did?
Don't really know yet

17. Shipping/s your group of friends support, but you don't?
My friends have not played Pokemon Ranger yet.

18. Got a OC Ranger?

19. Any OC Ranger shipping/s?
with Kellyn, Iguess

20. Any crack shipping/s you like?

21. Any crack shipping/s you hate?

22. Favorite Pokemon Ranger Game? (1,2, or 3)
I like Shadows of Alima and Guardian Signs

23. Favorite NPC shipping?
Rhythmi and Isaac

24. Favorite NPC?
IDK, I have too many to name

25. Favorite Partner Pokemon? (The 17 from PR 2 count)
Ukulele Pichu 

26. Favorite Fiore leader? (Spenser, Joel, ect)
IDK, haven't played through the first game

27. Favorite special ranger mission? (Manaphy egg, Shaymin, ect)
Never got to play through the Special Missions :-:

28. Favorite boss battle?
Mewtwo, I think. 

29. When did you start playing Pokemon Ranger?
When I got bored after I finished Platinum lmao

30. Do you think the Pokemon Rangers should have a their own anime series?
yeah sure

31. Any ranger/s you think should make an anime appearance?
All of them (unless they already did, like Solana, Kellyn and Ben)

32. What do you like/love about Pokemon Ranger?
I think it's not the typical "Here, a Pokemon, now go beat up other Pokemon with it"

33. Favorite Region? (Fiore, Almia, Oblivia)
Alima or Oblivia 

34.  Shipping/s you think/are a cannon?
Lunick and Solana, I think

35. Most annoying pokemon you tried to capture?
Normally, I'd say Psychic bc they keep Teleporting.

Boss battles are another thing :')  [*cough* Drapidon *cough* Regigigas *cough* Ditto]

36. How old do you think our Ranger hero's are? (Solana, Kate, ect.)
i'd say 16?

37. Any partner pokemon shipping/s?

38.  Got a number on how many ranger pairing you support?
Too many to count

39. Favorite legendary pokemon in PR?

40.  How long have you known/played pokemon ranger?
IDK, eight years now?

41.  Think we need more romance in the PR series?
yeah sure, why not?

42. First ranger shipping/s you supported?
Summer and Ben

43. Do you like our ranger hero's Japanese/English names? (Solana/Hinata)

44. Got a PokeSona idea for our Ranger hero's?
I think 

45. Favorite villain/s?
Red Eyes

46. Personality traits you think go with our ranger hero's?
(I haven't played the first Pokemon Ranger series so imma skip that)
Kellyn would be this calm and cool kid
Kate is a shy kid
Ben is caring and is concerned when Summer fell into the ocean (Female players)
Summer is free-spirited and is concerned when Ben fell into the Ocean (Male Players)

47. Favorite Poke Assist?
Electric, Steel or Ground

48. Least favorite Poke Assist?

49. Do you think about pokemon ranger all the time?
A fun game 

50. Got any shipping/s you made a fanfic of?
Planning to do one 

51. How did it take for you to finish this?

52. Would you like to kill me for dragging you into this? XD

53. Should I make another one of these surveys? 
Yeah sure 

54. Anything else I should add to the next survey I might make?
Depends on the anime/game/whatever it's based off

55. Am I annoying you with all of these random questions? X3

56. Pokemon Ranger Forever?
Ye :D

Now spread this across the web, and show the love of Pokemon Ranger! 
Hope you had fun!

Pokemon Ranger (c) Nintendo
Pokemon Ranger Survey (c) ~Rugi-chan

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