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Ninja Ninja Afro Samurai

By digitalninja
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Ninja Ninja, Afro Samurai's other/better half :).

I created this artwork for my best friends birthday, every year I let him pick a character for me to make a poster out of, and this year he wanted Ninja Ninja because as everyone knows, Ninja Ninja is awesome :D.

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Something fundamental changes when funk is added to a ninja...Uh..? .
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"Mount that asshole! Er, that came out wrong."
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great job on ninja ninja
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Yeah Ninja ninja my favourite ! Good Job !
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Most people may find him annoying, but he suppose to be like that. He's all of Afro's happier emotions formed into an imaginary person... plus, N.N. alone completely make the show funny and worth watching Man I love this guy he's and he's my favorite character!
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<font><font>Oui moi aussi , avec la voix de Samuel L.Jackson en plus ce personnage est tout simplement mityque !  :p </font></font>
he also reminds me of deadpool
I don't usually like cussing but I like  ninja ninja's enthusiasm so much that I can't help but like him, he is also somewhat funny, I would not be surprised though if some people called him annoying, good drawing of him anyway!
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as Afro would say:..."Shut up."
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sweeet this is epic!
lol nice,i love him.
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Ninja Ninja is a pretty fly brotha when he isn't panicing. You'd thinkAfro would take his advice more often but oh well. Just make sme look forward to the third installment all the more.
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Same here, 3rd movie would be great!
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Wait what was the second? I thought there was only resurrection
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Oh there's already one in the making. I was doing a search on a store website recently and saw where i could pre-order it. I'm psyched to see it when it's released.
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Can i crop the Afro samurai and use it in a signature ??? I'll credit you everywhere i post the sign?? Just fantastic , only you should make the moon in the same art style with the samurai and clouds :))
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Sure, feel free to use the image as long as you credit it when used :).
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Soon i'll try to do something with it :P Thanks for the permission ( or whatever is i don't speak english very well , as you see :D )
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Ever thought of doing one of afro himself
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Of course :), just haven't gotten around to it.
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