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Endeavor - My Hero Academia

Line Art - Darth Maul

Line Art - Akuma

STRIFE - Brad Collins

Line Art - X-23

STRIFE - Kayla

Tutorial - Color Process - Nightshade

Line Art - Terry Bogard - Fatal Fury

Line Art - Psylocke

Darth Maul - Star Wars

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Midoriya - My Hero Academia


Endeavor - My Hero Academia

All Might - My Hero Academia

Midoriya - My Hero Academia

Byakuya - Bleach

STAIN - My Hero Academia

Todoroki - My Hero Academia

Uraraka - My Hero Academia

Bakugo - My Hero Academia

Aizen - Bleach

King of Fighters Redux: Kyo

The Oct-December Art ChallengeRs and what they won

The Oct-December Art ChallengeRs and what they won

Our last Art Challenge in 2019 was a special one, each artist had to choose from 3 challenges we gave him which varied as widely as somehow possible. *Update with a couple more pieces below! We have a mix between Pokemon and...Call of Duty there, an illustration of the Hornet Car from Daytona USA, a black-white one that illustrates Super Mario land 2 on the Game Boy and over 25 more video game fan arts that are not the usual submissions on deviantART. This is not a content, but everyone of the participants, even those that said they don't want any prizes are getting the code for a game on Steam including awesome games like Yakuza, Crash Ba

Our Draw This Again Challenge is Over!

Our Draw This Again Challenge is Over!

Hello everyone, after our "Daw a Portrait" Art Challenge about 50 given characters, that resulted in almost 30 portraits of - in general - not so often drawn characters like Blinx, Alex Kidd, Liquid Snake and even Oliver from Ni No Kuni our September Art Challenge gave you a lot more Freedom again with the Draw This Again Month The idea was simple..draw a deviation again you drew before and see how your technique, the style changed or improved over time. Since we are a community all about video game-related art, only a video game fan art was allowed to re-draw of course. Prizes: This was NOT a contest, every winner is decided absolutely r

King of Fighters - All Characters (Line Art)

The Street Fighter II Tribute is Online!

The Street Fighter II Tribute is Online!

After around 3 months of creating the artworks and also the 20 galleries, one of our - so far best video game art collaborations came together in the form of really brautiful illustrations of the 19 Street Fighter II games characters as part of our SF 30th Anniversary Year. You can see this beast online at Big thanks for all the help and dedication for this tribute goes to: viperxmns ( , qpmjcv ( , weaselpa (   Dragonith (   ailcross (   SirWolfgang (  vf02ss (   :devCresc

One Eye

Noctis .nsfw optional.

Ghost In The Shell - Final

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- Illustrator
- Concept artist
- Character designer
- Game developer


I enjoy comics, anime, videogames. If you enjoy those things or enjoy my art please be sure to follow, fav, and share my work to help me grow my audience! It is appreciated :D.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Hiroaki Samura, Hyung Tae Kim, Range Murata
Favourite Movies
The Matrix, John Wick, Dredd, Drive
Favourite TV Shows
Gotham, Grappler Baki, One Punch Man, Bleach
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Synthwave and Chillhop
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy 12/Gungrave/Devil May Cry/Street Fighter 3/KOF 94
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 / PS4 / PS Vita
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, XP-Pen
Other Interests
Videogames/Anime/CG/User Interface/Manga/Comics
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

Question to my viewers!

Question to my viewers!

Hi everyone! Quick Question: I am curious, how do you follow your favorite artists? Deviant Art InstagramPinterestArt StationYoutubeStreamingFacebookTwitterOtherAll of the aboveI am trying to understand how to grow my audience and share with more people. I would greatly appreciate if you could comment and let me know, thank you!
Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to fun stuff in 2019!!

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r u planning anymore fighting game redux series?

digitalninjaProfessional Digital Artist

I have not thought of any new ones to do. I am enjoying doing my own characters right now. :)

i vote for doa if u do another one

Hey! Since you’re doing good with Strife, what do you think of remaking Bloody Roar or create a new game based off of it?
digitalninjaProfessional Digital Artist

I would love to do that, but Making a fighting game is a pretty big project for one person. I think I will have to do some much smaller games first :).

Also since I don't own the rights to bloody roar, I would would not be able to distribute anything I made using their characters. It would have to be more like a spiritual successor with my own characters and story :).

So making something original based on that then. That’ll work.

We need Bloody Roar back!!!!
Appreciate the likes :)