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Well.. this is a project for my first tattoo..
I wanted for years to make one..
I wanted it to be meaningful.. to have symbols that make sense to me..
The principal symbol is from a blackmetal band called Behemoth.. wich I love.. for their music and ideologies!
Their symbol mixes two that I indentify myself with..
I added some more symbols..and a sentence...and... voila!
Those letters are written in Enochian.. maybe if you know what I'm talking about.. you'll figure it out what's written there :P
That's it..
What do you think?!
Should I make it?!
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Yes, yes, yes! ;>
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whats the meaning of the sentence??? :D
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my eye just got drawn to it, a double headed eagle means honor,pride, and it means you come from a place where everyone is bad ass cause they dont have to watch thier back! i love it
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Very nice and well researched.
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Well if it's Darkness that you're after, you will certainly get it with this.
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fuckin awsome i love it!!
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Awesome tattoo design
:horns: ...i currently have the same problem you had when you posted this pic: I want to get a tattoo that means something for me, that represents my ideology or my religious belief, because, you know, it's there 'til you die. After a long search, i settled for a chaos star (wanted to get an inverted cross, but my gf wouldn't let me). Anyways, the only thing i didn't understand out of your design was the number "93". Can you explain, please, or give a hint to where i might find out?
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93.. ok, search it with Thelema.
You'll get the whole idea behind it! :)
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thnx for the reply, dude :horns:
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epic, though I like their blackened death better than their straight black metal, but still Behemoth is fucking amazing
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You have been featured [link]

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fuck yeah, i hope you got it, thats so awesome :D
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You should send them this picture of it. They have a album on their myspace I think where they put the ones they like.

do u know that the 2 headed eagle is the albanian flag simbole???????? r u albanian???????:P
If it inspires you, great, but I'd leave it at this stage. In 10 years you might not be into the occult, or may want to marry someone who hates it....
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nice :) have you a draft ?
Cool design. Did you put it on yet?
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Your avatar, is it the ancient symbol.. or does it have the new connotation?!
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great design man, well done, it will look great!!!
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no prob man!!!
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