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Unity Global Menu Idea



Ubuntu Unity will come by default with a Global Menu meaning that the menu of application will be shown in the Unity panel and not the application window. In Unity 10.10 clicking on the name of the application in the menu panel doesn't actually do anything. In the global menu applet for Gnome 2x clicking on the name of the application (top screenshot) brings up a window list. I think that this space could be used more effectively. The two mock-ups show what I have in mind. The menu shows when the application was launched, how long its been running, how much of the CPU its using, the amount of memory its using, end the process killing it immediately as well as allowing the user to report bugs (maybe thorough launchpad), rate the application through the Ubuntu software centre ( a new feature that should be coming to the software centre soon) and to uninstall the application without opening the software centre. When the uninstall option is pressed then a warning and password dialogue appear before the application is uninstalled (requiring root password). Let me know what you think ~ Peace - w"salaam
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I would like this SO much better than the current Unity design...